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14th July 2007, 01:47 AM
If you've thought about fostering but aren't really sure what it might involve, and want to learn more, please PM me.

Irish Cavalier Rescue (eg: me!) is in urgent need of additional foster homes in Ireland who would be able to take in a cavalier for anything from a single day in emergencies, to a few days, a week, or longer. I especially need fosters in the greater Dublin region. I am willing to foster further afield to vetted fosters but people would need to be willing to make the drive here to collect and then deliver back a dog as this is too time consuming for me to do at the moment, on top of other rescue tasks.

Most foster dogs find their homes within about a week to 10 days of coming in. Often during that time I hope to get them spayed or neutered, if this hasn't been done.

Some of these lovely dogs, because of the deprived backgrounds they come to me from, are not housetrained but still, like all cavaliers, are in need of a warm, safe, indoor-only place to stay, day and night (a garden to play in while you are home is of course a bonus! :) ). An outdoor run or kennel, or a back garden when no one is home or during the night, is not acceptable. Many rescue cavaliers come to me precisely because they were kept in such circumstances, developed unwanted behaviours as a result, and were given up by their former owners as a direct consequence.

** With six cavaliers in rescue, I am currently at the limit of my ability to help with rescue cavaliers needing foster, and if another urgent case became available tomorrow, I would sadly have to say no due to lack of foster places to put them into. **

So this is a plea to any board members in Ireland who might have considered fostering to talk to some of my existing fosters who will tell you what it involves -- I can refer you to some of them (sorry fosters, but I am volunteering you as I know you well enough to know you would be willing to spill all! :lol:) -- and/or contact me directly.

Fostering is a lovely way to get all the pleasure of an additional cavalier in your life without a long term commitment. And also to be part of a network that gives a new chance to some very deserving dogs.

PS I very urgently need a Dublin region foster for one of the former puppy farm dogs tomorrow (Saturday). If you can do this please contact me asap.

14th July 2007, 09:55 AM
I really wish i could help out Karlin. I hope you get the former puppy farm dogs sorted :flwr:

14th July 2007, 10:53 AM
Boy do I ever wish I lived in Ireland!! :( :( It would be wonderful to help out and I wouldn't mind doing a bit of driving either, shame!