View Full Version : The Harness Rave!

cavi lover
15th July 2007, 01:57 PM

I am still fairly new to this forum. When I first joined and heard about puppia harnesses I thought they were a case of crazy owners dressing up their little beauties!!!!!
However I now have to eat my words! I rescued a puppy farm breeding bitch in March and like many such dogs she was very frightened of the world. She tolerated her collar and lead very quickly but would panic and try to slip her collar on hearing a loud or sudden noise. I tried her with an ordinary harness but she hated it. So then having joined the forum heard about you guessed it Puppia harnesses and I bought one. She loved her black and white checked one and there have been no problems since. I think she feels safer and more confident in it.
So thanks all of you who go on about their merits. She also has alot of admirers too as she is a ruby and the black looks great
Thanks Julie

Cathy T
15th July 2007, 03:41 PM
Wel....show us some pictures!! :D I broke down and bought two new puppias for my two yesterday (and new leads, and conditioner, and treats :o ). We got the plaid pink for Shelby and plaid blue for Jake. Can't wait to get them. I love harnesses for my guys....they walk so much better with them.