View Full Version : Pooing & Weeing Since new Puppy Arrived!

18th July 2007, 07:25 PM

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice...

We got a new puppy almost two weeks ago, a cute black and tan that we have called Guinness!

Harvey our blenheim who is 9 months old and up until the last couple of days completely house trained.

We are training Guinness but obviously he is going to have the odd accident at first as did Harvey - what we didnt expect is that Harvey would suddenly a week later start pooing and urinating in the house - tonight for instants he cocked his leg on my white voile curtains, he also urinated yesterday and poo'd on the floor this afternoon!!

We are taking Guinness out every hour, after food and after he wakes from a sleep - all the same training methods we used on Harvey last year!

We dont know what to do as when Harvey was peeing on my curtains tonight Guinness was pooing on the floor at the exact same time!!!!

Help ??????

18th July 2007, 08:34 PM
oh wow you have your hands full! :yikes

Is Harvey neutered yet??

Maybe you can take them outside both as frequently as each other. That way Harvey can show Guiness what to do out there and also have ample time to do his business.

Hopefully someone else can answer you better. I feel for you though .. good lucK! :flwr::flwr::flwr:

18th July 2007, 09:01 PM

Sounds a bit like harvey has regressed back to baby puppy days, they aren't realiable really until about 1yr old.
This could be Harvey's way of showing you he is jealous and also his way of showing Guiness who is the "big man" of the house!
I would take them out at the same time personnally speaking and let Harvey "show" Guiness what is expected of him, loads of praise, silly voices etc, etc (You know the routine!)
Also if Harvey continues to toilet in the house and you actually see him, reprimand him with a very sharp "No!" and put him out promptly, but if you didn't see it actually happen then let it ride, sorry if I am preaching to the choir here! :oops:

Good Luck!!

23rd July 2007, 11:26 PM
LOL....I don't mean to laugh but I feel for you. I am potty training my human child and pup at the same time and I had both peeing on the carpet at the same time. It happened twice in two days at almost the same time hubby got home from work, so I of course wasn't watching them but was giving husband attention. I have learned now to put puppy in the crate and child on the toilet at around 6pm when hubby usually walks in the door.

I have a feeling that harvey may be marking on top of the new pups spots. And that maybe he needs a refresher in who is the boss (you, of course).

23rd July 2007, 11:48 PM
I have learned now to put puppy in the crate and child on the toilet at around 6pm when hubby usually walks in the door.

:lol: You could also always ignore your husband! :lol:

24th July 2007, 01:15 AM
When we got our puppy in november every time we took the puppy outside to potty bobo went out too , he taught the puppy what to do.
They always go outside together.