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Cathy T
18th July 2007, 07:40 PM
Had a close call with a Rottie this morning! We went to Fiesta Island to play. A woman with 2 Rotties said she had lost her car keys. I was talking to her and she said not to approach one of the dogs that he wasn’t dog friendly (so what the he** are you doing with a non-dog friendly at an off-leash area??!!) I put Jake and Shelby is a sit-stay and stayed on the hillside talking to her. All of a sudden the male lunged at us, yanking the woman to the ground and pulling her, she couldn’t hold on to the leash and the dog attacked Shelby. Poor little baby was trying to get away and the dog just scrabbled after her. He got her by the neck and tried to shake her, I was pounding on his back screaming at him and he let go. The woman got ahold of the dog and was apologizing profusely. I took both dogs up to the hill and sat down with Shelby. I was shaking so badly I was afraid I was going to pass out. I was so overcome with emotion. Shelby was shaking but she appeared to be okay. I checked her out thoroughly, gave the woman my business card (she did call shortly after we got home to be sure we were okay and said that she will never again take the dog out like that, it wasn’t her dog it was her daughter’s) and decided it would be best not to leave immediately since I didn’t want that to be Shelby’s last impression. We went down onto the beach where there were 4 women with some labs. I asked if the labs were okay with small dogs, they said absolutely, so we went to mix a little (I wanted Shelby to immediately be with a bigger dog so the attack wouldn’t imprint on her). As soon as I started to tell them what happened I completely lost it and broke down sobbing. They were so kind to me, holding me while I cried, checking out Shelby to be sure she really was okay and just let me get it out of my system (I’m great during a crises…but afterwards….watch out!) In talking, one of the women commented that she was house/dog sitting for someone with Cavaliers….wouldn’t you know it….it’s one my board of directors!! We had a nice little talk then I packed the pups up into the car and headed home. I put Shelby in the shower and cleaned her up so I could inspect her really well. She has a couple of pink marks on her neck but thankfully the skin isn’t broken. She appears to be okay but I’ll keep a close eye on her for the rest of the day and I think we’ll take a cuddle nap together! I’m telling you….had that dog wanted to kill her, he could have. I’m just so glad we’re all okay. Although a bit shaken up.

matties mum
18th July 2007, 07:51 PM
Oh has long has you are all Ok that the main thing I know that when Barney got attack last year I was alright till I got home then the tears came hope that you will keep us informed how you are
----Aileen and the gang (Jazzie---Barney----Sam)

18th July 2007, 07:55 PM
We had a similar experience with a Jack Russell at the beach the last time, it attacked both the dogs, while their owner stood idly by playing bocce or something. IF YOUR DOG ISN'T FRIENDLY, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS AT THE DOG BEACH!!! :mad:

18th July 2007, 07:58 PM
Oh Cathy i am so glad that ye are okay, u must have being so afraid!! :hug: for you and the lil women!! hope ye are ok:flwr:

18th July 2007, 08:12 PM
Oh my goodness how frightening. I hope you both get over it soon. My sister won't go in the park right opposite her house because an German Shepherd attacked her dog there. She (my sister) had to fight it off, she was a right state after. The owner begged her to call the police so someone would take her dog as this wasn't the first time it had attacked. So she must have let this happen on purpose. Give me strength!

Give Shelby a special cuddle from her Auntie Pauline xx

Gingers Mommy
18th July 2007, 08:16 PM
what a frightening encounter. Im so sorry to hear that happened to you, shelby and jake.
Im glad that you are all ok and i can totally understand how you can break down after that. I even had tears in my eyes reading it!
Im sure you'll all enjoy a well deserved cuddle nap.
Hoping your all ok.

18th July 2007, 08:54 PM
I'm glad Shelby and you are OK. There have been a couple of times when I've had Annie on the leash unleashed dogs have lunged at her. Fortunately neither dog managed to get ahold of her, but it's a scary experience nevertheless.

18th July 2007, 08:56 PM
So glad u r all ok. Just thank god it wasnt worst.

brid kenny
18th July 2007, 09:01 PM
Take it nice and easy for the rest of the day. You,ve had a shock. She will forget it. A big dog hopped on Phoebe last year and it took a couple of seconds to separate them. She was screaming. Judging by the way she goes up to big dogs with her tail wagging she has it all forgotten!!:rah:

18th July 2007, 09:02 PM
Am so pleased you are all ok. It really annoys me as there are plenty of places people can take uncontrolable dogs out, why go in public areas and let them off the lead?? It is so irresponsible and unfair on people like you who spend the time training and looking after your pups properly.
Give them both extra cuddles and am sure they'll be ok!

18th July 2007, 09:08 PM
Oh Cathy I am so sorry to hear that!! That woman should not have had that dog there if it wasn't reliable around other dogs :swear: OK she warned you but...........!
This could have been a lot worse and you did the right thing to expose Shelby to other larger dogs as soon as you could!
Watch her neck though even though the skin does not appear punctured, teeth into skin is never good, they have so much bacteria on their teeth it is similar to an injection, if it looks or feels even slightly swollen get her to the vet and onto anti-Biotics as soon as you can OK? :hug:

A big kiss and a gentle :hug: to Shelby and one for you too, I think you need it! :hug:

18th July 2007, 09:35 PM
Oh thts is awful,alfs was attacked,when it happens it is so quick,i hope you guys are ok,take it easy.love jus.

Cathy T
18th July 2007, 09:47 PM
Watch her neck though even though the skin does not appear punctured, teeth into skin is never good, they have so much bacteria on their teeth it is similar to an injection, if it looks or feels even slightly swollen get her to the vet and onto anti-Biotics as soon as you can OK

Thanks for the info Cathryn. I will definitely keep an eye on her. I was going to run her into the vet's but they said if it wasn't an emergency I would have to do a drop off and pick her up later. I figured she'd been through enough trauma for one day! Will definitely keep an eye on her. She's snoozing on the couch right now and doing just fine.

That dog should have never been at the Island. It's a huge place but just not good for unfriendly dogs. Normally we never would have even approached them. She asked if I had seen any keys and we started to talk for a minute when it happened. She did call and was very apologetic. It's her daughter's dog and she said the dog will not be out around other dogs after this. Really scared her badly. The dog flat out dragged her across the dirt in his anxiousness to get to Shelby. I'm just so thankful it turned out okay.

Thanks for all of your kind words. They means a lot and we're feeling much better.

Rj Mac
18th July 2007, 10:03 PM
So glad you are all ok, and home safe and sound, a big :hug: from all of us,

People who can't control a dog, be it theirs or someone elses have no business walking them in a dog friendly area

18th July 2007, 10:26 PM
Sorry to hear of your frightening experience I get so angry with inconsiderate people and their vicious dogs, Twice Alfie has been attacked by large dogs. The usual remark from the owner is "he;s never done that before. I feel so sorry for cavaliers as they dont have aggression and Alfie has been really upset both times its happened. Hope you and Shelby are feeling better now.

18th July 2007, 10:26 PM
Oh, I got teary-eyed just reading your story!

I have to admit I had an experience that was not even REMOTELY as dangerous as yours... a small dog came over to me and Molly on the street (owner running after and desperately trying to catch him) and was chasing Molly around me, growling. After the owner caught up to us and grabbed his dog and walked away, I was shaken! I was surprised at my reaction, but I'll tell you, the thought of any danger to Molly brings out a lot of emotion in me.

Good for you for thinking of immediately exposing Shelby to other large dogs! Not sure I would have had the wherewithal to do that.

A cuddle nap sounds so nice... I'm sure it did wonders for you all. :D

Cathy Moon
19th July 2007, 02:22 AM
Oh how upsetting - I'm so glad Shelby is ok. That makes me so angry when people take dangerous dogs like that out in the public. It is impossible to control a dog like a Rottweiler when it's in attack mode. :sl*p: What was that woman thinking when she brought them there?! And really I often wonder why anyone would have a dog they cannot control to begin with.

19th July 2007, 02:29 AM
Oh Cathy what a horrible experience. I am so glad that there is no physical damage done. I just can not understand why people insist in keeping nasty dogs. I don't care if that nastiness is not aimed at humans, or if the dog is kept on a leash.... I mean truly.... the world is full of nice dogs, why keep a nasty one.

I am so sorry this happened to you & yours & I hope the memory fades enough that you can enjoy your doggie outings again.


19th July 2007, 08:27 AM
Oh, poor Shelby and poor you :(. I'm so glad Shelby is OK now and hopefully the attack won't have any lasting effect on her. Cassie got attacked by a JRT on the beach - he caught her just under the eye and wouldn't let go. My Dad had to fight him off and got bitten. Cassie had to get stitches under her eye. It's such a frightening experience and you will probably be more cautious which dogs you go near (which is not necessarily a bad thing), I know we are, we avoid JRTs completely now if we see them coming.

:hug: :hug:

19th July 2007, 10:57 AM
What an awful experience for you all. There is nothing worse than having a dog attack yours. Poor Cinders has been bitten twice by Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and not long ago Minnie got attacked by a cocker spaniel and got bitten on the inside of her nose. You just deal with the situation at the time then afterwards it all comes out!! Lots of hugs to you and Shelby:hug: :hug:

19th July 2007, 11:51 AM
((((HUG))))) I can't IMAGINE how scared you must have been during the attack....thankfully you & Shelby are OK!!!!!! I applaud you for staying at the park and letting Shelby visit with the labs. I'm not sure I would have thought to do that. How kind of the other ladies to support you while you released all that emotion. We have a friend / neighbor that has a rott and when we meet her on the street & stop to talk, my hubby & I pick up Molly & Max, even though she says over & over how sweet her rott is....we just do not trust that breed. I'm sure we're not being sensible at all, and probably totally WRONG for doing so, but I do not think anyone would ever be able to convince me to relax around those dogs with my precious babies.

I think you should feel very proud of yourself for how you handled the situation. I HOPE if I am ever faced with the same, I will be as brave as you until it's safe to fall apart.

Bruce H
19th July 2007, 12:38 PM
OMG, I just saw this. What a close call that was. Glad you & Shelby are OK. Like Cathryn said, do keep an eye on Shelby for a few days just to be sure.

Others are right, she never should have had that dog out in public. I suspect it could have happened even if you had only been walking by. Or it could have happened to someone else. I just hope the woman listens to what she told you about not bringing the dog there any more.

I guess you never know when something like that is going to happen. Fortunately, we only had that happen once with our dogs. And this happened long ago in a conformation training class! A large breed dog across the room took out after a dog Kris had and there was no way this little tiny lady with the dog could hang on. The dog never got to ours because Kris managed to catch the collar and she was able to hang on.

19th July 2007, 02:45 PM
I was afraid to read your post, I am so glad Shelby is ok such a sweet beautiful girl. How was Jake?
I hope this experience doesn't make her scared. I am always a little worried when I walk my dogs and see a large dog you never know if they are frendly or not, the last time two young teenagers were walking a pit bull and the dog was going crazy when he saw my two dogs I didn't think the boy was going to be able to control him he was pulling on the leash so hard, we were almost running to get away if he got loose we would have been attacked.

Cathy T
19th July 2007, 02:56 PM
We're all good this morning. Shelby was a little yelpy yesterday trying to jump up on the couch but is doing just great this morning. I, however, am dealing with aching legs and back! I guess I must have really contorted myself trying to catch that dog. I'm just so relieved we got out of that with only a little bruising. Could have been so much worse. The thought of losing my little girl that way still brings me to tears.

I have attached my dog repellant spray to my back pack (within quick and easy reach!) and will now carry a walking stick. No one is going to attack either of my dogs again without getting through me first....hear my strong mommy roar??! ;)

Thanks again for your kind words. We sure were lucky...and we know it.

19th July 2007, 06:56 PM
I am so happy to hear she is doing so well. They heal faster then we do, I hope you feel better soon.

19th July 2007, 08:45 PM
Oh Cathy I'm so so sorry - what a horrid scare for you and precious Shelby. Please give her a gentle hug from all of us her and special kisses from TedBear.

A big hug for you too - you must have been petrified :( That woman really should have known better than to take the dog there...it obviously isn't safe to be around other dogs.

You were so brave and clever to carry on your walk for a while, I'm sure that was the last thing you felt like doing, but it was the best possible.

Glad that Shelby is feeling a bit better today - both of you take it easy for a few days ok?

I had a bad scare a few years ago when a Collie pinned Rupert to the ground - he was really screaming and I was terrified for him with his exisiting problems :( He wasn't bitten - just very shaken, and sadly it did make his seizures much worse...but things could have been a lot worse...

After that I carried a dog repellant spray for a long time...it's one that hisses like a snake or a goose...

Keep us posted as to how you are doing - sending our love xxx

19th July 2007, 10:28 PM
Scary, I am so sorry you had to go through that. As others have said the dog shouldn't have been there but you handled it amazingly, and it was so smart of you to immediately have her meet some big dogs.
Now I am worried to take my little pup out and about. :(

19th July 2007, 11:38 PM
Oh Cathy, how terrifying. :flwr: I am glad Shelby is OK an I think you were right to let her stay on, mix with some friendly larger dogs, and I am glad you found a supportive group which was much better that suddenly feeling overwhelmed on your own.

It is so frustrating that people take dogs they cannot manage out -- if there's any question a dog should be muzzled. I know dogs can react out of character and that the woman may not have known this but really, the responsibility is with the owner or caretaker of such a large and strong breed dog to take the necessary precautions and know the dog. She sounds like she really did care and mean well but she should never have had reactive dogs off lead or unmuzzled in a dog area!

20th July 2007, 12:02 AM
Oh Cathy, I just saw this post! I am so sorry this happened to you, and I teared up reading it. I'm so so glad Shelby is ok, and that was a great idea to let her mingle with the labs afterwards. It sounds like the Lab owners were nice shoulders to lean on after such a horrifying experience. Fiona and I are sending hugs your way.


Cathy T
20th July 2007, 03:04 AM
Had a nice call from the woman with the dog this evening. She said she thought about Shelby all day and wanted to be sure she was okay. I thought that was very considerate of her. She reassured me that the dog will not be in public again.