View Full Version : Am I crazy????

25th July 2007, 08:28 PM
I am sure that you all are going to think I am totally nuts, but I am quite sure that my Molly communicates 'yes' & 'no' by blinking. Not alllllll the time, but I've noticed it more & more lately. I've noticed lately that when I ask her a question like 'do you want to go out?' or 'do you want a cookie?' (when I am sure she does) she closes both eyes together at the same time. To me, it says 'yes' and I have noticed a one eyed blink to questions where I am guessing she is saying 'no' or 'not sure'. Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior in their dog???? I'm very biased about my Molly as I am sure she is extremely gifted :D (& brilliant!!) and I am not the one that is totally & completely crazy!

Chelle & Rex
25th July 2007, 08:44 PM
Lynn - your not the only one who thinks their dog talks!!!!!
I told a few of my friends a few wks ago I thought Rex was blinking replies to me and I'm sure they were all saying I was nuts when I left :D Rex blinks once for yes and twice for no and if he really wants something he "sings" to us. Lately if I say I love you he'll "sing" it back to me especially if he's in the middle of a big smoother hug :luv:

25th July 2007, 08:48 PM
Oh my gosh! If that's true, then you are not biased... she IS extremely gifted and briliiant! :D Can you get it on video!? I'd love to see!

I can't say I've noticed my Molly blink ever, let alone in a code to answer my questions. That would be AWESOME!


25th July 2007, 08:51 PM
Lately if I say I love you he'll "sing" it back to me especially if he's in the middle of a big smoother hug :luv:

I tell Molly "I love you" about 1000 times a day! Ha! I would LOVE it if she would "sing" it back to me. :luv:


26th July 2007, 03:20 AM
Oh, I think Ruby talks all the time, so either we're both crazy, or neither of us is! When I ask her a question, like, "Ruby, do you need to go potty?', she'll make a little sound or whinish noise like "Yes, mommy". My husband thinks I'm crazy, but last night before bedtime, Ruby was lying on the bed while I was washing my face, and I looked at her and winked. I SWEAR she winked back at me with her left eye.....