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25th July 2007, 10:41 PM
First of all, I would like to say that I am new here, and I joined the board for kind of a weird reason...:) Without further ado here is that reason..

My dog Chloe was just diagnosed with a Grade III/IV systolic heart murmur, she also, has a small mitral valve regurgitation in her left valve...

Now here is the kicker...

She is a 18 month old GSD/Lab mix (from our best guesses ;)) and her cardioligist said that this type of problem and murmur was VERY unusual for her age and breed...

Well, I started reading about this on the internet, and every where I looked it said that this was most common with middle aged/senior small breed dogs, but CKCS tend to show this earlier than other small breeds...

^^ That what lead me to this forum...

So, I was just wondering if anyone could give me a general prognosis. or give my any advice or any experiences that they have had with this :)

Thanks for reading, sorry such a long post....

25th July 2007, 11:05 PM
Hi i have an 8 yr old CKC who is a grade 5 he is on 2 types of medication, since he had his dosage upped a couple of weeks ago he is feeling a bit better.
Sam is not able to go on long walks like the rest of my bunch but he is happy just going for short walks a couple of times a day. Is ur little girl over weight, been a lab ,Sam is,so we are trying to lose a little bit.
I have been told that with watching and getting him seen by the vet reg. Sam should, hopefully be ok for the next few yrs. Fingers crossed.
There is probaly others on the board who can go into it abit better.
sorry i cant be of any more help.

25th July 2007, 11:05 PM
You are more than welcome and we have quite a few members with experience of murmurs. I am sorry to hear you are having to look into information on murmurs and MVD for your dog. As your cardiologist noted, that's a fairly high grade murmur for a dog that is so young, even if your dog were a cavalier.

That said, many here would have had dogs with murmurs remain at the same grade for years and live a long life. Some never get any worse, while some do worsen. With MVD, the dog eventually goes into congestive heart failure. This is one of the most common causes of death in all dogs in old age, but can have a much earlier onset in cavaliers, as you have discovered.

This is a very well recognised condition though with many medications that can be used and combined to bring relief and extend life often for many years after even a more cautious prognosis. I am sure others with experience will have some things to say but here's a link to a write up from someone who is very experienced and knowledgable in dealing with murmurs and MVD:


25th July 2007, 11:29 PM
Thanks for the link to that thread :)

Here is a link to a picture of her http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/jess2416/Chloe644.jpg

you can see that she is thin, healthy looking and she is also very active...She is going back for a re-check in 6 months to see if it has progressed any, and depending on whether it has or not, we will discuss what to do from there at that appointment.

Thanks again..