View Full Version : Oakley has conjunctivitis

26th July 2007, 12:40 PM
Poor boy - has to have nasty drops.... - its clearing up nicely though:D

27th July 2007, 10:35 PM
Oh poor boy -- that can be uncomfortable. The drops should help right away though and make him a lot more comfortable. :flwr:

Cathy Moon
27th July 2007, 11:59 PM
I hope little Oakley feels better soon! :hug::flwr:

28th July 2007, 10:00 AM
Hope he is feeling better now. :flwr:

28th July 2007, 06:34 PM
Poor wee fellow - glad it's getting better now though. I'm sure with a few extra treats and cuddles he won't mind the drops too much :)

29th July 2007, 03:13 PM
Amazingly Oakley is really good and sits nicely when I put the drops in.

Its much better today, much less gloopy and his eye is no longer red :D

29th July 2007, 03:16 PM
Glad to hear that Oakley's eye is responding well to the eye drops, :xfngr: for a speedy recovery!! :lotsaluv: