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29th July 2007, 10:57 PM
We have become the proud owners for an 8 weeks old cavalier girl named Sasha. She has settled into our household really well. The cats are terrified of her though.... Anyway. Before we got her we read loads and loads on the internet before hand. About whether to crate or not, ways to toilet train etc etc. We have now had her 4 days and she has been in her crate all night long without a peep out of her, no cries or wimpers at all. But it is the toilet training aspect I am not sure if we have right. Every morning we have found she has weed on her bed in her crate. We take her outside every 45 mins to an hour, after feed, after a sleep and first thing in the morning. When outside we don't play with her or anything until she was been to the toilet and then praise her when she has finished (no treats just praise). We then play with her afterwards and have a good run round with her. Sometimes she has 3 or 4 wees. But she will then come in and wee on the carpet not every time but at least twice every day since we got her. No poos yet. Just wees and they are so tiny. We clean them up properly and use a deodouriser afterwards so she won't get used to the smell she leaves. Is this normal and are they just little accidents. We just ignore the what she has done no shouting or scoulding. I am not sure what we should be expecting and how quickly. Thanks in advance for the advice.

29th July 2007, 11:02 PM
You're doing lots of right things. :)

I'd suggest first before you try a couple of other things, take her to the vet to check for a urinary tract infection. She sounds like she is unable to hold herself in the daytime and lots of little tiny wees often signal a UTI.

Then: even though she isn't waking at night you really should get up at around 3am and take her out. Ypu also may be sleeping through her small cries, but she may not be making any noise, either. She is very young to try and last all night and the fact that she is wetting her crate indicates she does need a toilet break and probably is going to keep needing one til maybe 10-12 weeks old or so.

But all the rest of what you are doing is mostly just what you need to be doing... though if she is cleared for a UTI then don't leave her down where she can go on the rug, put her back in the crate or hold her. Again she is very young and small and things will get better but at this age she really is going to be very prone to accidents if you are not watching her constantly.

As always I recommend Shirlee Kalstone's housetraining book (a classic) if you don't have it. :thmbsup:

29th July 2007, 11:04 PM
PS I am a BIG fan of high value treats for housetraining -- eg a bit of chicken or ham or small bit of cheese. Just praise in my experience does not work nearly as well as a motivator.

29th July 2007, 11:08 PM
Thanks for that. The UTI did cross my mind slightly. What other symptoms would there be if she had this other than the little wees. Could a chill cause this? Bit like cystisis in us I would imagine which isn't very nice. She is a lovely little one and as I said settled very well. Our friend was holding her a few hours ago and she did start to wimper, something she has never done yet. We took her outside and she did wee. So she is getting to know when she wants one, and hasn't weed on a person. YET!!!

29th July 2007, 11:10 PM
PS I am a BIG fan of high value treats for housetraining -- eg a bit of chicken or ham or small bit of cheese. Just praise in my experience does not work nearly as well as a motivator.
How quick do you have to be with the treat after the potty for them to associate it with the action they have just done? Is it as they are in the act, as soon as they get up after they have done it, or as they go to do it - which might stop her. If I catch her in the house which I have done twice I have scooped her up and she has stopped instantly and put her outside to finish off.

30th July 2007, 02:22 AM
Hi Mandy

Congratulations on acquiring your new puppy and also for doing your research so well before getting the pup. You sound like a highly motivated person who wants to and is, getting it right.

As others have suggested I would check to ensure there is no UTI and also take her out for a wee break through the night. What time do you go to bed, and do you take her for a potty break then? I am a bit of a night owl so I found that when my guys were little I'd take them out at around midnight and then they could hold out till around 7 am. If you yourself need to get up through the night maybe you could shedule a little break for her at that time too. This won't go on for long, provided a UTI is ruled out.

As to the timing for a reward tread.... the quicker the better. Give a verbal praise then as soon as possible the treat. For example, if your command to do a wee is "do wee", as soon as you see her squat to wee you'd say something like "yes, good wee" and have the treat in your hand to give her as soon as she has finished.

At our obedience classes they have suggested that as soon as the dog gets something right, you say "yesssss" (drawn out "sss") as this word becomes a marker, kind of like clicker training without a clicker, to indicate that the right action has been done. The yes word can then be followed up with other forms of praise & a treat.

30th July 2007, 10:25 PM
We have done a lot better today. Only one accident in the house. And my daughter admitted it was her fault as saw Sasha sniffing round and showed the obviously signs but went to get her shoes on first!! By which time Sasha had weed in the house. No no blame on puppy then. We are getting there and didnt realise how tired you can be as you are watching them constantly to show signs of any kind of toilet. Don't think we have watched a tv programme since we got her!!! Which can only be a good thing. Sahsa doesn't half seem to have come on in the few days we have had her. Her colour has come out more and I am sure she has grown. The cats are getting used to her now and the younger cat will at least stay in the house when Sahsa is in which is more than the first day. Thanks for everyones advice. Sure I will be on soon with more questions.

30th July 2007, 11:20 PM
On top of what Karlin is saying - I wouldn't take her out as often as that.
Is she peeing because she is outside, or is she outside because she needs to pee?

With Ruby, I was always waiting after her, waiting for the signs (sniffing, circles etc) - most of the time, she got there before I did!
You sound like you're doing grand, keep it up and you'll be fine in time.

31st July 2007, 09:41 PM
That thought crossed our minds too. So my daughter didn't take her out quite as many times yesterday and today and the wees were a lot longer!!! And only one accident in the house today when I came home from work.