View Full Version : acting weird....

2nd August 2007, 08:17 PM
hi guys, it's probably nothing but jst wondering if any1 has any ideas... bonnie doesn't seem 2 b herself 2nite. she seems very restless-wandering in nd out of rooms. we were in d kitchen nd she jst suddenly vanished-eventually found her upstairs in a pile of my clothes that had been put aside 4 d wash. but she had sort of arranged them in2 some sort of a nest?! took her back downstairs anyway nd she climbed in2 a wash basket nd started arranging d clothes ina a circle again. took her nd she headed straight for my b/friends beanbag nd started d same again-tryin 2 dig a hole in2 d middle of it? she doesn't seem 2 want 2 eat nd is even refusing treats (VERY strange 4 her!!!!!) ok sorry 4 rambling on but i don't lik seein her out of sorts :confused:

2nd August 2007, 10:20 PM
She might be going into heat a bit early -- teething can be the other cause perhaps. Either could put a dog off food and cause some odd behaviour. Mine also just get into silly moods where they do that digging etc but if she's also off her food I'd think it is one of these other reasons. PS If the behaviour continues tomorrow or she gets very odd I'd call the vet. :thmbsup: