View Full Version : Cav's are so clever

5th August 2007, 09:16 PM
My Ellie is 8 months old now and learning new tricks all the time.
She learnt how to use her poochie bells very quickly, and she will...shake your hand, sit, lie down, roll over etc.
Last week she rang her bells to go in the garden to wee.....as she came back in, I heard my hubby say to her '' I wish you would shut the door Ellie''........So now I have taught her how to shut the door and it only took her about 10 mins to learn how to do it.....I simply said ''Ellie close the door''..........I lifted her paws and put them on the door and pushed it too, then gave her a treat. I did it about 6 times, and now I only have to tell her to shut the door and she does :rah: Its so funny to watch my friends faces when I tell her to do it :D What a clever girl I have :luv:

5th August 2007, 09:21 PM
My bt charlie would shut the door on command but only if you showed her what treat she was getting & it met her approval.
& of course you had to get up anyway to find a treat .lol