View Full Version : Toby

7th August 2007, 11:43 PM
Got Toby nurerered about a month ago everything was fine just thought it was time his about 10 months . The thing is ever since he has been really grumpy with the others he has been growling at them picking fights. Im not letting him away with it when he starts i pick him up and put him in a room by himself for 5-10 mins. This works for awhile but then his of again Toby is even doing this to Sally which is unusal because even still now they are really close.
Maybe he is just trying to be boss but he was never like this before.
Anyone any ideas.:( Cos apart from this he is so lovable.

Cathy Moon
8th August 2007, 02:13 AM
I would try putting both him and the dog he growled at in a down-stay separated but within sight of each other. And ignore all dogs for 5-10 minutes during their down-stays. Or crate him within sight of the others and ignore all dogs. If it happens again, extend the down-stay 5 minutes each time.

This will get the point across that nobody 'won' when he growled. He may be thinking the other dog 'won'.