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cavi lover
14th August 2007, 01:30 PM

I have just come in from walking my dogs and I am ABSOLUTELY fuming!

I have come to know a lady who has rescued collies in the past but as she is advancing in years wanted to have a smaller breed. Anyway you guessed it she has one rescue cavalier and wanted another.

To cut a very long story short I helped her to rehome a retired breeding bitch from a very reputable breeder in the uk.She meets all the cavalier club requirements for breeding eg heart testing even has some MRI'd. The little girl she rehomed went to be spayed immediatly she arrived in her new home and at the same time had to have 13 teeth removed as they were all 100% rotten. The breeder had not mention any of this. I am disgusted that a dog could be allowed to get in such a state but even madder as the breeder she came from currently has pups for sale at £750!

I do not wish to offend any breeders on the forum but it just makes me feel yet another breeder in it for the money and not the dogs.

Thanks for listening. J x

14th August 2007, 01:40 PM
Personally, I would report the breeder to the head of the regional club she's involved with. I can see needing a few teeth done, but *13*? I would see that as very poor care for a dog being sold or rehomed, whether it was a young or older dog -- a vet check should have been done before she was adopted out. You are right to be angry. Also a bit worrying that the breeder didn't do the spay herself before the rehoming, even if she were to charge the new owner for it. I wouldn't home an unspayed breeding bitch without making sure she couldn't end up being used further for breeding! I have helped home several dogs from a breeder and she insisted SHE would spay them all before rehoming as she would not risk their being used further.

When my mom was kindly chosen to take a retired breeding girl from breeder Laura Lang in Ohio, Laura had a full dental done on her and a full vet clearance and spay before she was sent to my mother. My mother paid for the spay, but Laura covered her teeth and her cardiac test.

14th August 2007, 03:41 PM
My Sophie was a rehome with me 2 summers ago. The breeder did a teeth clean, cardiac, and then a spay (which I helped pay for). As Karlin said, that would be the appropriate approach to rehoming a dog.


14th August 2007, 08:29 PM
I'm not surprised really.When I got Daisy's dams pedigree certificate,I was taken aback to see that she was onto her fourth owner.She was bred by one of the most reputable and best known breeders in Ireland and has been sold on numerous times as a breeding bitch.She appears to be taken care of where she is and will be retired following her next litter, but it seems the fate of a breeding bitch is largely dependant on the nature of the breeder and their fondness(or lack of) for animals.

14th August 2007, 08:37 PM
Speaking as a breeder, there is NO WAY I would ever rehome a retired breeding girl without having had her spayed first of all. Some people see the title "Retired Breeding Bitch" and think they might have 1 more litter in them. To spay them prior to rehoming is the ONLY responsible thing to do in my opinion, it removes any temptation by the new owner for taking a "last" litter from her.

I would also add that the very act of bringing a litter into the world puts huge strain on their hearts, any of you girls out there who have given birth to just 1 baby will know what hard work it is! Retired is exactly that, retired!!

Good dental care should go hand in hand with grooming, it is part of the procedure, especially as certain gum diseases can actually contibute to heart problems!!

OK off my soapbox now!!:oops:

Cathy Moon
15th August 2007, 02:26 AM
I would report the breeder. Sounds like a very bad case of neglect to me. :(

Bruce H
15th August 2007, 12:16 PM
Wow, I would have to question just how reputable this breeder really is. IMHO, there's more to breeding than doing the proper testing. How could someone who loves their dogs let teeth get that bad? Or let a dog go that is not spayed? That's just inviting BYB's or Mills, unless you know the home she's going to very well. Even then, like Cathryn, I would never rehome a dog without S/N first.

Sorry for coming on so strong, but this kind of thing really bothers me. That, and I keep visualizing my recently rehomed girl Star and trying to imagine someone caring so little about their girl. I could never do something like that to Star.

15th August 2007, 12:30 PM
That is sad isn't it. Sounds like that poor little girl was just a comodity to the breeder.

cavi lover
15th August 2007, 08:07 PM
Yes a nice little money maker and nothing else. However she is in a great home and I see her most days on the common having a brill time with her lovely owner and doggie family.
So out of bad has come a happy ending. Sadly not the same for all dogs.