View Full Version : Hernia was a blessing in disguise...

18th August 2007, 02:44 AM
Poor TinkerBell, first it was getting mauled by the Chow at the grooming shop and now this.

Tinkerbell was spayed on Wed., Thursday evening she developed a hernia. I rushed her to an emergency vet, they took x-rays and noticed metal in her stomach, along with a hernia.

She went into surgery about 1am this morning, I received a call at 3am. Surgery went well, they repaired the hernia.

Guess what they took out of her stomach????


They saved them in a plastic bag for us, there were 15 ponytail holders in her stomach. They are the kind that have a small piece of metal on them.

We are soooo lucky. Had these gotten in her intestinal track, they probably would have had to take half of her intestine out.

So now our entire family in on red alert. There is to be Nothing on the floor...no shoes,clothes, Ponytail holders!!!!

The surgery cost us 1,000 dollars, but saved us from permanent heartbreak!

That my friends is priceless!

Cathy T
18th August 2007, 03:36 AM
Oh my gosh Jenny....my jaw dropped to the floor! Boy aren't you lucky you didn't waste any time getting her to the vet??!! Thank goodness everything is going to be okay.

18th August 2007, 06:48 AM
Oh my goodness what a shock! My Beau collects my scrunchies, and some of them do have those metal bits. Thank goodness this didn't turn really ugly for Tinkerbell. I hope she recovers really fast from her hernia op.... and thanks for the heads up. :flwr:

Now I am off to collect up my scrunches with metal bits & toss them in the bin! :eek:

18th August 2007, 08:32 AM
OMG! :yikes: Well done to you for getting her to the vets so fast, Tinkerbelle is one very lucky little "scrunchie muncher" get well soon Tinkerbelle! :hug:

18th August 2007, 10:34 AM
Thank Goodness for the hernia....AND...you rushed her to the emergency vet...AND that she will be ok!!! My 19 yer old daughter STILL drops those pony tail holders everywhere around the house...I should show her this thread. It is very surprising that TinkerBell ate 15!!!!! I'm so happy that you reacted as quickly as you did.

18th August 2007, 10:57 AM
Well spotted and you are a testament to good dog ownership. I'm so glad for you and for Tinkerbell -- and thanks for the caution. Many of us leave things on the floor that could be dangerous and your story is an eye opener. I think we are all more likely to toddler-proof and forget that young dogs in particular need a house to be dog-proofed too! :flwr: