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20th August 2007, 01:00 AM
has to be quiet for 10 days...oh yeah that will be fun..only little bits of water tonight..no food til tomorrow...than just a couple of tablespoons every 3-4 hours..(yeah I don't have to work..luckily I can make it home about every 4 hours)..recheck labs and x-ray in 3-5 days..she did say that as we get towards the end of the 6 cans of id diet we can transitition him back to his own food and see how he does..no snacks, no fatty people food..she did say once we start training boiled chicken breast would be good for training snacks and steamed vegetables...

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers

20th August 2007, 01:03 AM
Oh I'm happy he is going to be ok. Keep us posted.

Cathy Moon
20th August 2007, 01:51 AM
So glad he's home now. I hope he continues to improve!:hug::flwr:

20th August 2007, 01:56 AM
Good news! Thankfully you are able to be home often for him. :hug: for Robbie :hug: for mum

20th August 2007, 10:55 AM
So glad he is doing OK and will be back home with you now. :)

20th August 2007, 11:03 AM
:rah: Great News:rah:
----Aileen and the gang (Barney---Jazzie---Sam)

20th August 2007, 11:10 AM
Glad to hear he is now back home with you and is doing well, :xfngr: for a speedy recovery!! :lotsaluv: