View Full Version : Am I being too fussy? Creased up Owner Registration Certificate.

24th August 2007, 11:15 AM
I finally got round to transferring ownership of Dylan from his breeder to me. When the form came through yesterday, it had been put in a soft envelope and it a bit creased round the edges. It's not bad, but I am fussy and I did pay £12 for it. I called this morning and they said I had to post it back and they would replace it. I offered to send them a card envelope and they said they do stock them. So why didn't they use one then!

Am I being too fussy?

24th August 2007, 11:24 AM
I can understand wanting a nice one if it matters to you -- that's the bottom line. To be honest I have lots of crumpled registrations around this house! :lol: It wouldn't occur to me to be bothered by that, but that's me. Also, I have learned not to place much value on the certs except for legal disputes with rescue dogs. Unless you are a breeder or showing, the cert will never be used for anything (most folks never bother to do the legal transfer for pets, for example. I've never applied to have my own dogs transferred to me for example). A lot of those certs aren't worth much anyway, as you learn quickly when dealing with puppy farm dogs -- they are regularly counterfeited to sell such dogs, and other dogs' certs of ownership/registration are regularly handed over with completely different dogs to allow their puppies to be registered with the relevant kennel club by BYBs or puppy farmers. And sadly a lot of questionable breeders do this as well to make litters appear to come from sires or dams they did not come from (my breeder told me of seeing registrations for puppies from a sire long dead...:confused:). I have heard some stories about supposedly reputable breeders along these lines... this is why some KCs are starting to require DNA tsting.

To the KCs this is just paperwork hence they'd be unlikely to send certs out in stiff envelopes to prevent crumpling I guess. :lol: Makes sense that they might offer that as an option, though, as lot of people would likely prefer them to be nice and pristine. :)

24th August 2007, 11:27 AM
To me it's like a birth certificate! I am fussy AND sentimental!! :rolleyes:

24th August 2007, 11:35 AM
I can understand where you are coming from Pauline, as a Breeder myself I place great sentimental value on the registrations of my dogs and they are all kept very carefully indeed, however if they are lost or damaged it is very easy to get a duplicate sent to you from the KC.

Like Karlin, I have, over the years accumulated many registration papers and have to admit that the odd crease doesn't bother me too much these days, the things that I like to see nice and flat and pristine are the certificates bearing my Kennel Affix and the certificates sent to me with the dogs Stud Book Number when I have been lucky enough to qualify for them as they are hard to win and are a massive achievement, these are framed but sadly no longer on display as my sons would soon pull them down and destroy them, and even those certificates are replaceable, when my first boy won his stud book number I bought a duplicate certificate to give to his breeder!! For me the more important papers are heart and eye certificates!

Guess what I'm trying to say is the paperwork is nice to have and display but the most important thing really is the dog as he/she is unreplacable? :lotsaluv:

24th August 2007, 11:40 AM
On transfer one other point is that under Irish law as soon as you've owned a dog for a year and a day the cert of ownership doesn't mean anything anyway -- possession for that time is legal ownership. Not sure what the case is in the UK?

Gingers Mommy
24th August 2007, 03:59 PM
Perhaps you can put it in one of those clear sleeves?
I have all of Ginger's important documents and certs in those sleeves so that they are nice and neat and semi-protected!
If its one sided you could also tape it down to another piece of paper to make it less creased? I know you what you mean though...

24th August 2007, 04:06 PM
I think as I paid £12 for it I should have a nice one so I'm posting it back for a replacement. I know, I am fussy!

24th August 2007, 06:54 PM
On transfer one other point is that under Irish law as soon as you've owned a dog for a year and a day the cert of ownership doesn't mean anything anyway -- possession for that time is legal ownership. Not sure what the case is in the UK?

Basically it states that the registered owner is not necessarily the legal keeper of the dog, however if there is a dispute over ownership it will generally come down to whoever the dog is registered to at the kennel Club. I use the KC online services these days and it shows how many dogs are registered to you, by all accounts I have 53!! :yikes: Looking down the list I find it amazing to note that the folks who came in the big fancy cars waving wads of £50 notes and making the biggest fuss about having the dogs papers for the KC are often the one's who DID NOT transfer the dogs into their own name!! whilst the one's who had obviously saved up and looked around and been on my list for a while were all very quick to transfer their new puppy into their own name!
Short of getting them to sign the form whilst with me and me personnally sending it back to the KC for the transfer there is not much I can do as the registrations aren't always here in time to go with the puppies when I le them go to their new homes. A lot of my fellow breeders have also expressed total astonishment when using this site on finding out how many dogs are still registered in their name!!

Basically folks, if you want to prove UK ownership of your oedigree dog, transfer the registration into your own name PDQ!!

24th August 2007, 07:19 PM
Don't think this would stand up in a court, not when an owner can produce vet bills etc.,from over the years.
Personally I don't transfer ownership because I refuse to put more money into the KC coffers until they pull their fingers out and do something to stop puppy farming, these registrations are so blatent to anyone with any idea. Enormous litters of colours that just can't happen, but the Kennel Club turn a blind eye because it is more revenue. Money for registering a litter, money for transferring ownership, money for changing a name and on and on!!!