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30th August 2007, 12:09 PM
I know most know this, but I'd like to remind folks generally, and specifically loveisokay if she is still reading the board, in reply to a post she tried to make but which was blocked:

When you signed up for this board, you agreed to the board rules of use, which are pretty minimal. These include (from the READ ME! section):

1) The board has an open atmosphere and most topics are considered acceptable, as are disagreements between members and debates. Everyone -- including Admin and moderators -- is entitled to his/her own opinion.

2) While a large degree of latitude is allowed for personal styles of expression, personal attacks, namecalling, and disparagement directed at other board members -- singly or collectively -- is not acceptable.

In this case someone crossed this line and their ability to participate was curtailed. To try and imply this is a restriction on discussions in which people voice *disagreement* or that anyone has a 'right' to make such offensive *personal* comments to others, is ridiculous. I have no problems with disagreements and there are many threads in which members have had vigorous discussions and arguments. But when a line is crossed I make no apologies for removing that person from active participation. In this particular case, it is not the difference of opinion that was ever an issue, but the way in which that difference has been voiced not as personal opinion, but as a personal attack on others that was the problem.

I've explained before that the board is simply a *service* I supply for free, pay for out of my own pocket, and spend many hours weekly administrating, because I enjoy doing so, and because I think it promotes good breeding, good health, good welfare and good home care, and thus betters the lives of a breed and individual dogs we all love. Likewise our moderators give many hours freely every week to help maintain what I consider to be a suitable atmosphere.

Please view your invitation to be here (my approval of your membership) as an invitation into a large room in my house -- it truly is a virtual extension of my private space into which I welcome anyone who'd like to talk about cavaliers. :) Most people would ask an abusive or upsetting guest at a party to leave and that is why sometimes I make the decision that someone has to go from MY personal premises, the CavalierTalk board. Sometimes this decision has been taken for events that happen off the board (abusive PMs or emails to me or other board members).

If anyone thinks running a board comprises an ego trip :lol: or that it is entertaining to have to adminstrate people's accounts, then please, be my guest and try running a board for just a week! A huge chunk of your time will vanish into keeping it going -- that is, if enough people actually like your board and its environment enough to go there in the first place. If they don't like they way you run it, they will leave and find someplace they like better. We always steadily gain members and traffic continuously increases (to over 30,000 monthly visits now) so I am satisfied a majority like the way this one is run. I know it won't satisfy everyone; it isn't intended to, and why should it? The net is full of options.

For those who don't like it, what is the big issue? :lol: There's obviously no obligation to be here and it is very easy for those who are unhappy to find someplace you'd find more comfortable and satisfying :thmbsup: -- there are at least a dozen cavalier boards and email lists out there (with many of us belonging to more than one, including me). In a tiny number of cases -- less than a dozen people out of nearly 1700 members -- I will show people the door for not remembering the rules they agreed to when they signed up for my board. That has happened in this particular case.