View Full Version : Kaytee's AHT results are here! Please take a look :)

31st August 2007, 12:37 AM
Hi, Thank you all for your help with my recent problems with Kaytee, I have started a new post so that I do not confuse you with her other problems I asked about.
Well you may remember I said that I had asked the specialist vet she saw a year ago to send me a copy of all the treatment and results kaytee had there and today it arrived in the post!
I am sorry to turn to you all once again but my vet is really busy so I wont get to go through it with her for a few days now, don't think I will cope waiting that long so I picked out a few sentences that baffled me and I wonder if you would mind Giving your opinion? I have scanned the four pieces of paper but cannot add them to this for fear of blocking up the forum :( so I hope what I write makes sense? xx

Physical examination we found a grade 1-2/6 early systolic left apical murmur.
(A WHAT? is this a normal murmur?)
But a month earlier a vet wrote this on her report...

On heart auscultation a systolic heart murmur 1/6 was evident more on the right side of the heart the rest was within normal limits.

next case report this concerned me...

The results from Kaytee's urine came back and the culture is negitive, the results form the fine needle aspirates from the swelling in the neck were contaminated with blood and they revealed just inflammation thus they were inconclusive...

I think this was when they were checking her SM isnt the blood something to be concerned about?

Next bit...Abnormal radiographs revealed a tiny region of mineralisation in the region of the dorsal bladder/cervix on the lateral views. this could be possible suture mineralisation of her previous spay surgery (I dont understand this as her spay was over two years before this visit)

Thoracic radiographs revealed mild diffuse bronchial interstitial pattern which could be due to bronchitis, lung worm or pneumonia...this was why we were given synulox and lungworm treatment, but as kaytee still has a cough I wonder is it bronchitis?

Well I hope you are not mad at me for adding this I know you are not vets on here, I just wanted the advice from someone who is able to think clearly, as this is my baby I cannot think straight and take the words in hope that makes sense? THANKS to all of you for being you xx

PS Just realised that I can add the URLS on here so if you wish you can see the forms! xxx I know you are busy so understand sorry to take up your time xx


Cathy Moon
31st August 2007, 01:17 AM
Regarding the heart murmur, it is Grade 1 to 2 of 6 (6 being the most advanced murmur). In other words, that is a slight heart murmur. My cavs are both grade 1 of 6, including when they are exercised or excited.

Barbara Nixon
31st August 2007, 11:59 AM
Monty had a 1-2 at about 8, but he's 12 in a few weeks, is still only at the lower end of 4 and is symptom free. He was still around a 2, a year ago .