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2nd September 2007, 12:55 PM
Would you like to be able to make a difference in saving some animal lives? :)

In Ireland, many pounds are not currently accessible to rescue and as a result as many as 95% of dogs in those pounds *get put down every year* and never have a chance to be rehomed.

Cork pound used to be one of these, but has recently enabled rescuers to go in and help the dogs there. There are many needy dogs and prospective homes here and in the UK!

Unfortunately the rescuers have few helpers at this point, and for the want of someone to drive two dogs to the port for transport last week, two more dogs will die this week because the two with rescue space continue to be held and kennelled, waiting for the next chance at transport, depleting very scarce rescue funds. If they had travelled, two more could have come out in their place. :(

Sometimes transport may be short trip, and sometimes longer -- for example, to meet the regular UK dog transport at Rosslare. A really simple way to help save some lives! If this is something you could help with, get involved!

The rescuers working in that pound would love to hear from anyone who wants to help -- with transport, with foster -- as this WILL save dogs and prevent what happened last week from happening again.

I'd also like them to have a point of contact for prospective fosters or transporters for any cavaliers that come up down there.

If you are in that region and can help, the point of contact is:

Karen, 087-6681112

Go on, let her know that you can be contacted for future emergencies. :rah:

Cleo's Person
5th September 2007, 08:45 AM
Karlin, I've pm'ed you but just re read the post and realised I must contact Karen. Consider it done.

5th September 2007, 09:50 AM
Thanks got the PM and am way behind in replying as I am in the midst of my weekly work deadlines. Yes, Karen (Scottie Rescue) is the contact as this is general rescue for the pound, not directly involved with me. But let her know any cavalier can come to us up here! :)