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3rd September 2007, 02:27 PM
Can someone help, our Charlie who is now 6 months old has developed what I am finding a little disturbing. He has decided that the most comfy place to sleep is behind our sofa, thats fine, however when it is time for all of us to turn in and for him to go to his own bed, when we attempt to move him he gives a quite nasty growl and refuses to move, he has'nt snapped out at us as we have tended to coax him out by calling to him from another room when he then comes after a few minutes. I am a little worried at this and need to correct it quickly. please help

3rd September 2007, 03:32 PM
Are you reaching ib behind the sofa to try to pull him out and has someone pulled him out in the past? If so he likely either links such an activity with pain/discomfort or feels something moving to grab him while he is in an enclosed space is frightening and threatening. A growl is a warning and the growl itself shouldn;t be discouraged -- but ideally you need to find out why he is growling and approach getting him out in a different way.

The next time you have him to a vets I would have them check him all over for any possible areas of pain or reaction because this kind of behaviour -- hiding away and then getting defensive about being pulled out of a hide-away -- sometimes can indicate a dog experiencing pain.

The way to correct it is not to punish which is only going to make him more defensive and more frightened and worried, but instead, to reward him for coming from behind the sofa without putting him into a situation where he growls first.

So if you want him, lure him out with a great treat -- some cheese or meat -- and cheerfully praise him when he comes out. Gradually he will stop associating coming out from the sofa as something that might have negatives or might mean someone would try to force him out. :thmbsup:

Alternatively, stick some empty closed boxes or something similar behnd the sofa to block him from going behind there in the first place.