View Full Version : Throwback Coat?

3rd September 2007, 10:27 PM
Toby's fur is a little odd- it's normal on his legs and sides but on top it's short and it sticks out in odd directions. I always thought this was just 'cause he's not full grown. When we went to the vet though he said something about how it was a "throwback" and he compared it to a Rhodesian Ridgeback?!?! He also said something about how a lot of people would love to have a dog with fur like Toby's.
Any idea what he's talking about? :neutral:

3rd September 2007, 11:06 PM
How old is he?

Never heard of a throwback coat -- but puppies as they shed their coat can look a bit of a mess! A cavalier coat should sit flat and have a silky look and can have wave but shouldn't be curly. But that is the ideal for a show dog -- pet cavaliers can have a lot more variety and the reason they are sold by breeders as pets is because they aren;t quite up to show quality while still being adorable. :)

If you can post a picture of what you mean, please do!