View Full Version : funny leg problem

7th September 2007, 06:04 PM
Hi, poor kaytee had another problem today :( I took her to the park and she never walks around she drags me to the edge of the field to eat grass. today though she was carrying her leg up :( her back right one, there was no pain as she wasnt yelping or showing discomfort, I checked her knee in case it had slipped but it hadn't. and there was no thistle or anything in her pad.

I took her home and bathed her foot with hebi scrub and put some anti septic cream in and on the paw. I cannot see no cuts or marks but my fiance said maybe she stood on a nettle?
have you ever had this happen? she is a little wobbly on her feet still, in the past she has had a stroke, I dont remember it happening but the vet said I may not have even noticed as it was mild but she was left with her face being funny on the left side, a facial palsy the vet said, I was fretting she had another stroke in the feild but I am sure she would have fell? She is Ok in herself maybe I am worrying about nothing as always? xx

7th September 2007, 11:58 PM
I'd not worry about it unless she looks uncomfortable. Lots of dogs start to favour a leg briefly and it can be hard to tell why -- they could have been stung by an insect or a netle, stepped on something sharp etc. Or could be the stroke. If it stops bothering her than don't worry about it.