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11th September 2007, 04:31 PM
Hi,finally got some photos of mollie,shes been with us for 1 week now and although the first few days we had no accidents indoors this past couple of days we seem to be getting there then taking few steps back lol but shes only 9 week so im sure she will pick it up fine soon.She knows how to sit but come and leave are a long way off,she comes sometimes but then runs around and thinks your playing.Been putting her on the lead ready for when we go for walks but shes having none of it,pulls and jumps around like a mad dog trying to bite it,is this normal its been a few days now with trying her about 3 times a day for 5 minutes a time but shes getting no better starting to get worried or is it early days?Also does anyone elses pup tear through there plants like a bulldoser lol
Lazy Days....
You Talking to me???
I know im cute ;-)
Meeting my nephew Charlie....
Having a good chew....
Sleeping from all the play....

lady and amber
11th September 2007, 04:39 PM
she`s cute, my still charge round the garden now and there 6 and 3

11th September 2007, 04:48 PM
AWWWW She is adorable :D :D

Rj Mac
11th September 2007, 09:02 PM
aww she is lovely i love her facial markings they are beautiful:luv:


11th September 2007, 09:14 PM
She is VERY cute, and does have a bit of the devil in her eye!

Keep it up with the leash.. she sounds pretty normal. Try just letting her drag it around for a bit without you holding it. She'll get used to it in time.

13th September 2007, 07:14 PM
Awww I want a tri!! She's absolutely adorable. What a cute little face. Sally has that same 'rattle' toy in the final picture and she loves it.

13th September 2007, 09:43 PM
She is adorable. Very cute pictures. :o Judy and Dixie

13th September 2007, 10:08 PM
Sally has that same 'rattle' toy in the final picture and she loves it.
That was taken the first day of having her,that rattle now is very dirty and nearly falling apart lol

Thanks everyone for the nice comments,yeah she does have the devil in her eye quite alittle handful when she wants to be.

Thanks xxx

15th September 2007, 07:54 AM
Now that is one cute pup! I love her.

15th September 2007, 11:59 AM
She is adorable. I love tris!

15th September 2007, 03:07 PM
Mollie is gorgeous :luv::luv:

Claire L
15th September 2007, 03:29 PM
Awww, those are gorgeous pics :lotsaluv:

15th September 2007, 03:54 PM
Hi Mollie!! Pleasure to meet you! :lotsaluv:

16th September 2007, 10:09 AM
AWW thanks for the sweet comments keep them coming dont think ill ever tire of hearing what a cute puppy we have lol