View Full Version : Phantom Pregnancy? Or one hidden pup?

Andrea Howell
13th September 2007, 11:23 AM
Hi all,:(
I've just been to the vets with Tara to have her scan. She should be four weeks from Tuesday (first mating). We went in with expectations and came away a little deflated. The vets couldn't see any puppies, which was a shock as she seems to be showing all signs pf prenancy. Her teats are enlarged and very pink, she's looking for more food than normal, and she tires very quickly when out for walks (she normally runs around like a little wippet). I'm very confused. The vet wants us to go back in two weeks to check again, as there might be one pup hiding far up in her ribcage. I asked about phantom pregnancies, and she said that it is very common for bitches to show all the signs of being in whelp when their aren't. I'm feeling quite low, as my poor little lady seems to really want to be in whelp. If she isn't, I know that the studs breeder said we can go back again (free of charge), now i'm not sure what to do. Obviously i'll wait to see what the next scan says before contemplating trying again with her next season. Any advice guys? Have any of the breeders out there had this experience?:(

13th September 2007, 05:24 PM
Please see my reply here: