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13th September 2007, 06:00 PM
Sunshine was scared of the other puppies! She hid under me during free play time and tried her hardest not to look at the other pups. on a side note she loved the people...it was hard not to laugh but she would trot up to a person for loves and when their puppy came over she would run back to me and hide. She is so bold here with our big dogs I was very surprised at her reaction. Will she get over her timidness? I am a little worried I waited too long to put her in classes but I wanted all her shots done and then we had to wait for the next class.

13th September 2007, 08:19 PM
I have to laugh - this was exactly the situation I was in a few months ago! The first night of puppy class I actually cried :rolleyes: because she was sooo scared of every other puppy. She wanted to say hello to all the people but ran away as soon as another puppy came near by. I was so sad for her and the trainer told me not to worry and that next time she would be much better. The trainer was so right! The next week she was a lot better and actually started playing a little with the other puppies! All the other owners couuldnt believe it was the same dog! Now, 3 months later she is a little terror that wants to greet every dog she sees big or small! Its probably a combination of the weird smells and strange environment that freaks them out a bit the first time but don't worry she'll come around!

13th September 2007, 10:48 PM
Dylan is the opposite and drags me across the car park to where all the dogs wait to go into class :dogwlk:

We are working on ignoring dogs when walking to heel or mingling etc. Sunshine will get used to other dogs, it's early days. Try not to give off worried Mummy vibes ok ;)

14th September 2007, 02:46 AM
sounds pretty normal to me..Cedar is more like that ..Robbie of course loved the dogs..especially the ones he could bully..oops..he and a Doberman were in love with each other..LOL

14th September 2007, 04:32 AM
Mika is very shy of dogs as well, although Henry, a cocker, is her best friend in the world. I think meeting him one-on-one with family helped. She hid through most of puppy class as well, except for people - she was all over them. By the end she was a lot better, but still very shy.

She's shy of dogs we meet on walks, but as soon as they are done sniffing and we pass, she is trying to go back and visit. We had our first session of puppy agility tonight (SO much fun) and she was tucking her tail whenever another dog was near, but not nearly as bad as as the start of the first puppy class.

It's coming and it just takes a lot of safe exposure to other dogs.