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16th September 2007, 06:47 PM
:eek: my 10 week old puppy poppy has done the most weirdest scariest thing twice today. its hard to describe so please bear with me.its like shes drunk in the hind legs like they cant move for 2\3 mins and shes swaying from side to side im really up-set right now cant get through to my vet does anyone have any help or ideas as to what it is. shes fine now actulay attacking my one year old playing etc please anyone help :eek:

16th September 2007, 07:10 PM
Don't have a pup. Just wanted to send a *hug* your way. I'm sure they are going to answer very shortly.

16th September 2007, 07:20 PM
That does sound scary and you should get her to a vet first thing tomorrow. They will want to check joints and reactions. Make sure your vet is aware of episodic falling syndrome in the breed:

www.episodicfalling.com (http://www.episodicfalling.com)

Also to be safe (though this is far less likely at this age) make sure the vet is aware of SM in the breed:

www.smcavalier.com (http://www.smcavalier.com) for some downloads that can be printed out and brought in.

This needs to be checked by a vet and probably a neurologist -- to me sounds like it could be episodic falling especially if this is happening during play sessions. Possibly could be something joint related affecting hips or knees.

I'd call the breeder and ask him/her as well if they have any suggestions. If any of these conditions are diagnosed -- from joint to neurological issues -- they definitely will want to know this as it would be very important to them in making their breeding decisions.

There's a good discussion group affiliated with the EFS website that can offer more insight and support on whether this could be EFS. EFS sometimes just disappears as the dog gets older so try not to overly worry in advance of knowing if and what you have to worry about. :flwr:

Good luck and let us know what your vets think.

16th September 2007, 07:23 PM
EFS symptoms:

Episodes may include one or any combination of the following:

* Freezing momentarily
* Freezing or walking with the head down and to one side.
* Stiffness in the back legs
* An apparent lack of coordination in the rear or front limbs
* A bunny-hopping gait
* Roached back with stiff back legs (may be a sign of back injury)
* Temporary loss of control in the hind legs
* Attempting to rise only to fall
* Rolling or somersaulting
* Laying on one side with the back legs extended, limbs may twitch
* Apparent 'spasm'
* Drooling
* Retraction of the front legs, sometimes over the head
* Tightening of the muscles around the mouth with an inability to open the jaws
* Eyes may appear to bulge as the muscles of the face contract.
* The 'deer stalker' position where the front legs contract and the rear legs stiffen (see the video of Penny)
* Chronic tenderness and stiffness may exsist in extreme cases.

16th September 2007, 07:40 PM
thanks a million im a bit calmer not a bother on poppy shes trying to eat keyboard at the mo. i took some notes so im armed in the vets tomorrow i went on to website you suggested very imformative so i will let you know tomorrow whats happening.thanks again :flwr:

16th September 2007, 07:42 PM
Hope ur little ome will be ok. I will keep my fingers :xfngr:

16th September 2007, 07:48 PM
Good luck with your vet visit tomorrow. I have a little tri girl now almost 2 that has EFS. The episodes are so very scary. She had episodes from about age 4 months to 9 months and now so far knock on wood she has been free of myoclonic episodes since then. Some pups with frequent symptoms need to be on medications that you will find on the EFS site. Sassy has never needed to be on medications as her episodes were infrequent when they were occurring. I do watch her closely when it is very hot as heat seems to increase the potential for episodes. Play was what brought on her "seizures". Good luck!

16th September 2007, 09:47 PM
If you are looking for vets familiar with some cavalier issues, I recommend Elaine at Beaufield Vest in Celbridge or Susan at Anicare in Blanchardstown (www.anicare.ie).