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22nd September 2007, 03:39 PM
Hi Harvey seems to have a cold as he has a runny nose is this normal?

23rd September 2007, 02:52 PM
Not exactly colds, but they do get respiratory infections and can even share a few of the human viruses (so I guess it is debateable whether you can call them 'colds' if it is the same virus!) but they also can get their own conditions like kennel cough through to very serious problems, which needs to be checked bvy a vet. Especially in puppies, something like a runny nose or any illness should never be left to sort itself out -- puppies (and kittens) have very underdeveloped immune systems and in rare cases can literally succumb to something that seems very mild at first, going from healthy to fatally ill, within 24-48 hours. I'd never risk the uncertainty if a runny nose persists more than a day in a puppy. :thmbsup: It is probably something minor but you need to see a vet to know. You can call them and ask if you should bring him in or watch for further developments. remember, you can *always* call your vet for advice for free. :) They will advise on whether he needs to be seen.

From canismajor.com:

If Fido has a runny nose, suspect a foreign body in the nasal passage or illness, allergy, or a tumor. Dogs don't get colds like people do, but they do get respiratory infections.

From CB News:

Runny Eyes Or Nose

A runny nose doesn't usually mean your dog has a cold, but it could mean a host of other serious illnesses like respiratory infection, sinus infection, tooth abscess, or cancer. Runny eyes could mean conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye) or infection.

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23rd September 2007, 04:13 PM
It is very common to see kittens with upper respiratory infections (sneezing, goopy eyes) but not as much so with puppies. I would definately see your vet about the problem; as Karlin says, it can certainly go from seemingly minor to very bad in a matter of hours.

Roxie is 4 months old now. We went out of town a couple of weeks ago - just after she had finished vaccines - and the vet said it was best not to board her yet because her immune system wasn't strong enough. So she got to go with us!

23rd September 2007, 07:20 PM
My vet told me there are only two viruses that a human can pass to a dog that have the symptoms of a cold, one is Anthrax, the other occurs usually in countries other than the UK. He said they can catch bacterial infections though. This is how I found out I had a chest infection when Dylan caught what I had (and still have). Somehow the vet cured Dylan in a week while my GP still doesn't know what's wrong with me 9 weeks on!

Oh sorry, that isn't what you asked is it!!!

23rd September 2007, 08:30 PM
Pauline, sounds like you should see a vet rather than a GP! :lol:

This is a confusing area anyway, in terms of how you define a 'cold' for people and for dogs.

It sure is true that cats commonly get the snuffles -- aka 'cat flu' -- every one of mine has had it as kittens, and it can sporadically recur in adults. I almost lost Ambrose as a tiny kitten to it -- one day he was fine and a terror as usual, and within hours he had declined to where he was hardly moving. Rushed him to the vets for some emergency care and he was a lot better by the following morning but for almost a full year he had a runny nose and sneezes. Now that's all vanished -- his immune system kicked in I guess.

23rd September 2007, 08:35 PM
Pauline, sounds like you should see a vet rather than a GP! :lol:

You don't know how true that is Karlin!! Actually it was because of what the vet told me that I went to my GP and he agreed I had a chest infection not just a virus!

And now my dog trainer thinks I have asthma so I went to my GP and he sent me to hospital for tests! :lol:

Who needs Doctors!

23rd September 2007, 09:38 PM
And you know it is easier to see a Vet than it is a Doctor! I booked an appointment to see my GP & it's not for 3 weeks, yet I can just pop into my Vets any time they are open :)

23rd September 2007, 10:22 PM
Oh tell me about it!!

I have a very distinct memory of when I was expecting the twins and one of my girls was mated whilst I was in hospital with accute dehydration from sickness, my poor darling OH simply didn't spot her come into heat, she had a bad heart condition :( I naturally took her for the Mis-Alliance jab which they give 3,5 &7 days post mating, when I took her for the second part of the course I went in to see Roger, I'd be about 5 months along with the twins by then, and he feels my girls tummy on the table and looks at me, "Well, I don't know about your girl" he says, but, and looks right at MY BELLY, "You most certainly are!" :confused: :confused:
Turns out one of the vet nurses had entered "Pregnancy Diagnosis" on my girls notes instead of "Mis-Alliance Jab" :eek::eek:
I was in tucks, and the look on his face when I told him it was twins was totally priceless, he even asked if I had asked my doggy midwife (a real life retired midwife BTW) had scanned me yet! :rotfl:
On a sadder note it turned out I made the right decision re the mis-alliance jab as my beautiful Melody went to the bridge only 6 months later:(:(