View Full Version : Marleys sore leg... How to keep the monster still....

24th September 2007, 01:12 PM
Hello everyone,
Well Marley our 6month pup has a sore back leg. After seeing a vet at tafe (I’m a vet nurse student) she recommended we have x-rays done, so i took him to our regular vet and had x-rays. No visible breaks, fractures, anything like that. However his knee is slightly clicky. It's not a luxating patella either. The vet’s conclusion being he's either torn his meniscus (hopefully not) or done some damage or muscle/tendon. So for 2 weeks he's on anti-inflammatory and strict rest. If after this period of time things aren’t better he's recommended either going to a specialist to have a scope put into the joint to see what’s going on or opening it at their clinic and having a looked. I'm inclined to go to a specialist if need be with him being a pup.
Anyone had something like this happen with a pup?
My other question being... how do we keep a very active 6 month old pup entertained for two weeks when he's not allowed to act like the maniac he is?!!?
He's already fed up and being very naughty, I’ve tried giving him things to chew on, Pigs ears, Kong’s, chicken wings etc
He really wants to play with his best friend next door (which is how we think he did this injury...) It’s only been 4 days ... ARUHGHHHHHHHH

24th September 2007, 01:25 PM
Hi Soma, we had a Boxer that had a very similar story to the one you tell. The only real answer to keeping them quiet is the "tough love" kind. I know it isn't easy but you will probably have to keep Marley inside as much as possible because while ever he is out in the yard he's likely to get stimulated & start rushing about. We found that stopping Pebbles from jumping up and down was our greatest challenge, because no matter how small an area she was in, unless it was her crate, she would do these standing jumps about 6' high in the air :eek:

I think probably the easiest thing is to just have Marley by your side most of the time. Do you work? If so, could you take him with you for a couple of weeks, or is that out of the question.

25th September 2007, 02:30 AM
I would use an x pen to keep him contained and maybe even bring his friend from next door over so they can have a snuggle in there. You can make most of them big or small so they would not be able to run around but could still interact. I would also stimulate him by training, there is obviously a limit to what you can do with him being inactive but it will keep his mind busy and tire him out this way :xfngr:. Is he food orientated ? What about those toys that are hard to get the treat out of or a frozen kong (filled with low fat stock or something?)

It will be very hard, can you take him on walks in a pram or anything like that ?

Cathy Moon
25th September 2007, 02:52 AM
To keep his mind busy, get him some puzzle toys and show him how they work.

Then work on obedience a bit while he's in his x-pen or crate. Make it fun - have him sit, down, stay and come using kibble set aside from his meals as treats.

Hope he's feeling better soon!:flwr:

25th September 2007, 08:30 AM
Unfortunetly i cannot bring his friend in :( he's the reason Marleys leg is sore when they are together they are incredibly naughty and wikid! hehehe
There is someone home pretty much all day everyday he's never really on his own, we've put up baby gates.
I'll try puzzle toys and training.... the other thing he's enjoying doing atm is sitting on a chair looknig at the window and barking at stupid things :D so silly...
I was thinking about taking him for a wonder in a pram, my concern would be him trying to launch himself out of it...
He's so not impressed, he's all "CMON LETS PLAY GUYS!!!!!!!!" poor silly thing :p