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27th September 2007, 06:40 PM
Barkleigh is scratching excessively and also biting his feet and fur. We live in Florida and it is flea season. He gets his flea treatments religiously, but sometimes I think they get bathed away. I did find 1 live flea 2 weeks ago and gave him 1 capstar. He is due for his flea treatment on the first of the month. I combed him with a flea comb and can't find any evidence of fleas or flea dirt. We have long haired cats and treat them too. Ideas for where the fleas might hide on a Cav? I use a gentle pet shampoo that is not supposed to remove flea treatment (soapless) but brands of shampoos or products to minimize itching and/or irritation would be helpful.


27th September 2007, 06:42 PM
I'd go talk to your vet first. :thmbsup: This sounds like it could be flea dermatitis or else is some other allergy. If dermatitis it probably needs additional treatment. PS If you are using something like Frontline and not bathing for 24 hours you cannot bathe it away. It gets carried internally through the skin within a few hours.

27th September 2007, 06:50 PM
Flea dermatitis! I should have thought of it. We also have little bugs called no-seeums that make me crazy, but some friends get bitten and get horrible dermatitis. I can't see why they wouldn't bite a dog. Interesting, it is mostly European friends who have the allergy, and Barkleigh is English after all...

I am not thrilled to run to the vet again this week. Did that yesterday and had to say farewell to our favorite cat--who would have been 14 next week. All systems failed and he was Barkeligh's best friend.