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29th September 2007, 07:41 PM
Hi, I was posting about my dog destroying the kitchen door the other day and someone suggested maybe getting him a companion because he has separation anxiety. Well I had been thinking about that myself and still considering it, but I don't really want to get a puppy so was wondering if someone could tell me something about what happens if you want to adopt an older dog?

I've been looking on here and other places and have found information on what to expect after getting the dog etc but nothing about what happens before you're allowed. I don't really want to contact anyone specifically yet as I don't know for sure if I want to or not and feel I'd be wasting someones time if I did. (sorry if anyone thinks I'm going to be wasting time here too )

But anyway, just wondering if things like already having an old cat and a young dog and 3 kids (aged 12 and 13 (yes definately 3 havent missed anyone)) and working full time would mean I wouldnt be able to adopt? I was only working part time when I got Jasper but circumstances changed so had to work full time and now he gets lonely. I will admit I dont have a great knowledge about owning dogs either but thats why I've been trying to read as much as I can.

29th September 2007, 08:10 PM
You need to apply and see, basically. All rescues have different policies. Your kids are plenty grown up for most rescues that have small children policies of any sort, but working all day can be an issue for some (maybe, many. It isn't for me but I need to see some serious thought about what the dog will do all day! :thmbsup:). I think what you really need to consider is if you have the time to work with a rescue dog. These typically are rescues because they have some problems -- that is why they end up in rescue to begin with. Usually these are behavioural -- from minor to major -- or health issues -- from minor to major.

A rescue dog in other words needs time and patience and devotion -- certainly as much as a puppy. I also wouldn't get a dog in the hopes that it will stop the unwanted behaviours an existing dog has -- it is just as likely to LEARN all those unwanted behaviours from the resident dog then you have two dogs with unwanted behaviours. OR, the existing dog is likely to learn new unwanted behaviours from the rescue dog. he first issue is still to tackle the existing dog's behaviours first and resolve those :).

It might work better to consider a dog from a known background with a known personality and history. I would recommend contacting reputable breeders about possibly taking an older dog -- eg one they have run on but decide not to keep for showing or breeding, or a retired show or breeding dog.

On my rescue website, www.ckcsrescue.com, I have a lot of links and info on rescue dogs that might help you in thinking about all these factors -- what they are like, and what you might expect, typical behaviour issues with rescues (usually they are a bit anxious, sometimes will have fairly severe separation anxiety, sometimes are not housetrained, sometimes can be a bit destructive or barky, usually have had no training or very little, for example).

I recommend a dog companion for any dog left alone all day during working hours but this is a second responsibility just as involved as a single dog. Some things can be done 'two at a time' but you need to be able to give equal and separate time to EACH dog so it IS actually a lot more work (alternatively it is also twice the fun, depending on the POV! :lol:). Just stuff to think about. :thmbsup:

29th September 2007, 08:20 PM
thanks for that :) I understand that a rescued dog isnt going to be a perfectly behaved one with no problems so wouldn't rush into deciding anything at all.

I know that anyone I know personally will tell me not to get another dog, they all told me not to get Jasper before I got him, but none of them have any pets at all and dont understand his need for a companion. When Ive said about his damaging the door I kept getting told to make him stay in the garden when I'm out :eek:. I explained that he needs to be indoors though and wouldnt consider doing that.

I've been trying the tips about leaving him that are in one of the threads on this site and leaving him with lots of toys to play with but when I come home the toys are in the same place I left them.

I'll keep on considering it and see how he manages, I do think he would love a doggy friend though.

29th September 2007, 08:23 PM
Ooh just one more thing though, If I do decide to get another one would he be better off with another cavalier or would a different breed be better that isnt so dependant on human contact? (I know all dogs need lots of contact but cavaliers need a bit more dont they?)

29th September 2007, 08:34 PM
Either. I've homed lots of cavaliers to homes with another breed and many people here have a mixed home. :)

29th September 2007, 09:19 PM
I am not the person to answer questions about rescue. Karlin and others are much better equiped to do that. I do want to add, that another dog, whether rescue or a puppy, will not solve any issues you have with our Jasper. I suggest you do a search on this site for suggestions on how to deal with separation anxiety, leaving your dog home alone and just tips on ways to keep Jasper happy even though you are gone for a large portion of the day. Good luck to you!

29th September 2007, 09:55 PM
Thanks I have looked already for ways to make him happier on his own. he gets 6.5 hours per day without anyone else there and I leave him toys and food and water and I'm trying the tips about what to do before I leave but surely even with doing all of this he would be happier with company of any sort rather than spending the whole time alone?

I know another dog wont magically solve any issues and another dog will have its own issues and I may end up with 2 being just as bad, who knows? I wish I could work from home then he wouldnt have to be alone at all but it's just not an option.