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30th September 2007, 10:41 PM
I've added a new subforum to the Shopaholics section where people can post reviews of anything they'd like that is cavalier-related. The way to use this forum is to post the product or item in the subject heading. For example:

Dyson Animal vacuum
Dried tripe chews
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels by Caroline Coile
Puppia mesh harness
James Wellbeloved lamb and rice kibble
Nylabone edibles

Then write your starter review. If someone else wants to add a review, they can add their further comments. Please keep comments related to your own review rather than starting a long discussion on the product -- I think the section will be most valuable if the threads are really all directly related to the product.

Posts do not need to be really long or formal, especially additional posts in the thread, which might either add some information or an experience with the product, point out problems, suggest an alternative or additional similar product (for example, if your dog likes dried tripe chews, try pizzle sticks! etc). But they should go into amore depth than just saying you like something or don't like somthing. Think about Amazon reviews if you want an example of what I'm thinking about. :thmbsup:

The idea for this forum is to give a place where people can do a more detailed evaluation of something if they'd like. Shopaholics is a good forum for casual recommendations, fun items, referrals. Reviews are where anyone who would like can go into more detail. We have some book reviews for example elsewhere in the site that I will move here.

If we get enough reviews, eventually I will put in some categories to make it easier to find things. I also might put together a list of board favourites as things progress. This would make a fun recommended shopping list. :)