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1st October 2007, 02:54 PM
Hi all

I have a little six month old King charles and she is a joy always running around however she is not herself lately with all the Bangers.
Over the weekend she was very upset and would not leave my side due to the bangers. Does anyone have any advice please

15th October 2007, 12:12 PM
I am moving this to the general section -- this is the Introductions section so people are less likely to notice a request for advice!

In general though --there are a few things you can do. The first is not to react to the noise yourself and comfort the dog or try to fuss over the dog if the dog is distressed. What this says to the dog is that s/he is RIGHT to be concerned because you are rewarding the dog's fright. So just ignore the bangers etc as the dog will look to you as its cue for behaviour.

You can also on the nights when a lot of them are going off, kep background noise on -- a radio or the TV for example -- to make the noise less obvious.

Ypu can get a DAP dog hormone diffuser which releases calming hormones that only the dog can smell. You plug these into a power point. They are usually very helpful with nervous or anxious or aggressive dogs. Most vets will carry them. You can also order or collect them from Dog Training Ireland (www.dogtrainingireland.ie for people in the UK or Ireland).

They also sell a CD of music that has a calming beat known to soothe animals, that can be played to block the noise in the background. Generally some research has shown that music with a steady beat like a heartbeat tends to calm animals so CDs like this are based on that principle.

Also keep your animals IN. A huge cumber of dogs and cats vanish every Halloween and area pounds always have a major influx of scared strays in the days following halloween.