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3rd October 2007, 11:16 PM
i sent mark to get molly groomed today and i am not happy wit it at all, we got freddie shaved early in the summer so that he would get a lovely long coat back but i only want molly trimmed and he ears done as they were so hard to keep instead she shaved her all over and she is so skinny it is horrible i am so annoyed by it as she looks way to skinny!!

Super Princess
4th October 2007, 01:05 AM
at least shes a good weight..olivers slightly over weight (though hes on diet food and is walked)
oliver was accidently shaved by our groomer..she lost her train of thought and forgot what she was doing...
she called us up in near tears...saying he looked like a potatoe!:D

5th October 2007, 11:48 AM
groomer said that it needed to be done that her coat was in bad condition! I never thought that, karlin u meet molly what did u think of her coat?

5th October 2007, 12:27 PM
That happened to me once and I went mad. I hate when they're shaved all over. Sounds like the groomer is trying to cover up her mistake by saying she needed to be shaved. I groom my dogs myself now.

I'm sure Mollys coat will grow back quickly :xfngr:

5th October 2007, 01:17 PM
I would be furious -- if you gave specific directions only to trim then I would ask for a refund or partial refund and I certainly wouldn;t go to that groomer anymore.

Unless her coat was badly matted there is never ANY reason to have to shave a cavalier. Indeed shaving the dog often damages the coat -- many show breeders say shaving the dog ends up with the coat growing back in curly and dry. She looked perfectly fine when I saw her.

If anyone is taking a cavalier to a groomer you need to absolutely have confidence in the groomer and even then bring *in writing* what you want done. Most groomers haven't a clue in their heads on how to groom cavaliers and many don't seem interested in learning -- why they think they need shaving or to look like cockers is totally beyond me.

As you can tell I have really strong feelings on this. Poor groomers regularly cause one of the biggest upsets for cavalier owners. They seem determined to cut their coats or shave even if you tell them not to touch the coat!! It takes forever for many dogs' coats to grow back in, too -- months upon months. When groomers trimmed Lily's slippers -- absolutely against my specific instructions :mad: -- I just hated that cat feet look, and even a year later, her slippers are only half the length they once were. It took months before her feet even looked slightly hairy again.

I also hate when they cut their ears which can take, again, YEARS to reach a beautiful length. One trip to the groomers, and for a middle aged dog, it may take the rest of its life for the years to reach the same length again.

So I do not even let groomers near my dogs any more. I wash them myself.

Shaving a dog without asking permission is outrageous. I would certainly complain to the manager if there is one.

If you have a reliable, good groomer; tip accordingly!! :)