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8th October 2007, 06:19 PM
HI, my sister took her cavalier Jake to the vets today for a annual booster and health check, upon checking jake all over the vet noticed blood behind his eye :( the vet then took jake to another vet for a second opinion and they both agreed that jake had suffered a knock to the eye :( We really can't recall anything happening Jake is 12 and doesnt play anymore.
my sister and I are really worried about jake as his glands are also swollen like golf balls, the vet said not to be concerned but we are :(
Jake goes back in three weeks time for a check of the eye and glands, do you think this is too long?
can a eye injury effect the glands? thanks xx

Claire L
8th October 2007, 06:36 PM
Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear about Jake being unwell BUT it's good that your sister took him in to see the Vet and discovered the eye problem.
Did the Vet prescribe anything for Jake? The reason I ask is because three weeks seems like a long time to me. I personally would not want to wait that long in between visits, but that's just me.

I'm sure someone else will come on here and have great advice for you............... in the meantime, I'll be thinking of Jake and you and your sister and sending positive thoughts for speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.


8th October 2007, 07:07 PM
THANK YOU :) nothing was prescribed for jake which I didnt understand and I agree 3 weeks is a long time, I will let you know if anything changes thanks for your advise xx

9th October 2007, 04:57 AM
Sorry to hear about Jake, I feel 3 weeks is far too long to wait with no diagnosis or medication to fix either problem. If they are both problems that do not require meds and in fact require time then the vet should have explained this in full. I would get a second opinion or ring the vet and ask for more of an explanation on both the conditions (eye and glands) and maybe go from there.

9th October 2007, 08:25 AM
Kaytee I am sorry to hear of Jake's problem.

Why don't you suggest that your sister give the vet a ring & have a chat with him... even if that means going in to see the vet again. In my opinion, when someone goes away from the vet feeling worried or unsure about some aspect of the treatment, then there has not been adequate communication. This does not necessarily mean that the vet has not done a good job of explaining everything, but in some cases it does. Sometimes, people are upset & their minds go blank and they don't always absorb everything the vet said. Believe me, I've done that.

Your sister has a right to know exactly what the vet has in mind. So get her to write up a list of questions to ask. That's what I reckon. :)

Knowledge is power!

9th October 2007, 10:43 AM
My dog had an eye infection and the glands under her jawline swelled up.Even after the infection was dealt with(antibiotics and steroid injection) the glands remained enlarged for a few weeks.
I think if in doubt have another vet take a look at him.