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8th October 2007, 07:23 PM
I had this lady onto me this morning almost in tears this morning, she had not been able to get these puppies out of her mind all night, she assures me there is no way she is going to line this "person's" pockets in order to save them however, she is incredibly strong and brave in this decision. Her main reason for this is that she already has a Lab and is terrified what she might bring in that could infect him. These puppies had never been wormed, the breeder wormed them in front of her! :eek: She also very kindly gave me this persons name and address.

OK, I have checked the Parent Club members list and they are NOT members so I CANNOT report him for selling underage puppies with regards to the Code of Ethics, a call to the KC established he is NOT an accredited breeder either. Ironically the KC bought this scheme out to "guarantee" a pup was from a reputable breeder, this has backfired somewhat as a lot of the farmers have signed up to give themselves credibility!! Am not sure what the credentials are for joining, they did send me a flyer, about the most I can remember is that you have to have all your dogs DNA registered with them after a year of being in the scheme, am sure there is more info on their website however!! www.the-kennel-club.org.uk I think is the link!!

Anyway, I have been in touch with Environmental health for his area as too has the lady I spoke to, and expressed concerns over the use of his premises for breeding, I know that they will investigate numbers etc on his premises, but I also know that as long as he is NOT breeding more than 4 litters a year they will not really be that interested. Bit of a half hearted result, but basically EH are going to call on him soon, as too I believe from my enquires are the RSPCA on her behalf.

Any-one who wants to know this persons name and address feel free to PM me so you can put the word out that this is a breeder to avoid! My enquirer also told me of an email she received from another breeder who RECOMMENDED this man!! She should be in touch soon with that ladies address as well, as if she is recommending him, surely her own standards would be suspect too?? icon_nwunsure However I feel a visit to her own premises wouls be in order before any conclusions could be made in fairness to her, maybe the posh Range Rover makes him "acceptable" to her??

Will keep you all posted on this anyway!!

8th October 2007, 09:35 PM
Thanks for the update. If he has as many dog as the woman said he has, then I'd be thinking he must be breeding over 4 litters a year. But I am sure he must be required to have a kennel permit to have that many dogs and usually that requires inspections or a certain standard of kennelling -- not cages stacked up. Also report him to your tax service -- have the woman write a letter stating she went there, saw the number of dogs, give the number, note he seems to be in this as a profession and has a large house, Land Rover etc, but that when he tried to sell her two puppies there was no talk of a receipt, no talk of being charged VAT, no formal record of the sale, and she fears this is an underground business on which he clearly makes a lot of money but may be declaring no tax.

Give an estimate that if he has 30 dogs most likely 25 of those are female and have one litter every 6-8 months of around 4-5 puppies which he is selling at £400-500 each. That's an income of at least £50,000 a year and probably more.

The way to get these people is to get them hammered for tax and falsifying returns and so forth.

8th October 2007, 09:44 PM
OK here we go, He already broke the law by trying to sell a puppy under 8 weeks of age. Most likely he is breeding over four litters as well but even if he isn't, he MUST BE LICENSED as he is carrying out a business of breeding dogs for sale. I also doubt he is keeping accurate records.

Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999

Breeders who breed four or more litters per year must be licensed by their local authority. Breeders with fewer litters must also be licensed if they are carrying out a business of breeding dogs for sale.

Licensed breeders must:

a) Not mate a bitch less than 12 months old.

b) Not whelp more than six litters from a bitch.

c) Not whelp two litters within a 12 month period from the same bitch.

d) Keep accurate records.

e) Not sell a puppy until it is at least eight weeks of age, other than to a keeper of a licensed pet shop

or Scottish rearing establishment.

Most likely the local authority has rules restuicting the number on dogs that may be kept in the way he is keping them so the correct local authority should be contacted for info. In addition under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 there are provisions for determining that animals are kept improperly and are suffering.

I know many in animal wefare have found that Dogs Trust is more responsive about giving advice and help than the RSPCA.

9th October 2007, 01:37 PM
Many Thanks for all your help and guidance on this Karlin, I have passed the appropiate details on to this lady now, I would make the complaints myself but as I haven't visited personnally and seen the dogs and the conditions they are being kept in I don't think it would be a good idea, coming from me it is classed as simply "hearsay"? :swear:

In my area the Environmental Health are only interested if you are breeding MORE than 4 litters a year, and let me tell you now, if you are doing this properley, and I mean the overall day to day care and maintenance it is quite simply EXHAUSTING!! I know there are other breeders on here who would agree with me on that! The first 2-3 weeks you barely get a wink of sleep, you hear the slightest squeek from the whelping box and you're leaping up to check it out, chances are it's just a pup who's slipped off the teat and can't find it again or whinging because Mum isn't letting the milk down fast enough, but the one time you don't check could be the one time you have a pup being crushed under it's Mum because she rolled over in her sleep!

I was told an awful lot of things in these calls, which disturbed me greatly, am on the verge of finding out this persons number and making a visit myself so I can then be in a position to report him from first hand experience of his practice's.

You never know he might have to get rid of the swanky new Range Rover soon! ;) :eek:

9th October 2007, 08:25 PM

I heard of a litter today and put my enquirer in touch with the co-ordinator, the breeder had 3 Blenheim Puppies for sale and one of them is now very happily being spoiled totally rotten by my enquirer! :lotsaluv: She tells me that the difference between the 2 breeders is incredible. She and her OH are getting in touch with the tax office tomorrow as per my recommendations. They want nothing more than for this original person to be shut down, god willing that will happen very soon! :xfngr:

A happy ending for my enquirer, and hopefully NOT so for the breeder who has chosen to abuse this wonderful breed of ours! :bang: :swear: :icon_devil:

lady and amber
9th October 2007, 09:12 PM
Well done Cathryn, the breed needs more people like you, lets hope he can be stopped.