View Full Version : Yeast Infection in his ear!

11th October 2007, 04:10 PM
So last night I got Maverick into the vet for his check-up and rabies shot. Found out that the junk in his ears wasn't earmites it's a yeast infection... so $50 I have the meds for him and in 10 days it should be cleared up and then I have to clean his ears at least once a week... for ever... the vet seemed concerned that he has this kind of ear problem at this early of an age. Has anyone eles delt with it?

11th October 2007, 04:25 PM
Oh, yes!! My Cavaliers haven't any ear problems, but my English Springer sure does. Spaniels are prone to them because their long ears encourage warmth and moistness inside the canal.

It's important to take precautions to keep the ears dry, especially after bathing or swimming. I put cotton loosely into the ear canals before bath time, and then use a drying agent afterwards.

A weekly cleaning is a good idea because you can stop a problem from becoming bad enough to need medication. Pet Silk has a nice mild ear cleanser that works for my crew. I'm sure you'll get other suggestions as well! Good luck and I hope your baby's ear feels better soon.

11th October 2007, 04:40 PM
Thanks for the info :) I have some cleaner the vet gave me along with the meds. But I will look into that once I run out. Most of my life I've had English Springers so I know about ear issues since both of my parents current dogs have had them.

11th October 2007, 04:47 PM
Yes, our late Merlin had much narrower ear canal's then average and we had to watch him closely in case a yeast infection set up, weekly cleaning certainly made a difference, and it's an easy job once you get the hang of it. Merlin would hang his head to the side and push into the cotton pad as if he was trying to help you!! :lotsaluv: