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Super Princess
16th October 2007, 05:24 PM
hehe i have been in ireland without my furr baby as many of you know.
ive been hanging out in cobh teh past few days.
yesterday i took a walking tour of the city...and the tour guide..said she was goign to anotehr small city (forget hte name of it) near by and would i like to go with her? (as my friend was leaving for dublin the dday before and id be on my own her)
i jumped at the chance to go do something.

while i was there..she did a cooking class, and i wonderd around the town.
upon my wonders..i spoted a great dane..just walking his marriy way down the road..when he spotted a jack wrestle..and two cavaliers..just hanging out in the middle of the road.
he went over to say hi..and im standing there on the corner of the street like an idiot aweeeeingto myself.
it was a Tri coloured..big boy (fully grown) and a little baby ruby..
so cuteeee
i walked to see if my friend was waiting..she wasnt so i came back wiht my camera.

the tri was intrigued (SP) by me..stopped..stared...cautiously made his way over.. the ruby a little more timid..but within a minute both were rubbing their heads (Their WET heads..soaking wet cavies from the rain) up against me, snuggling ..begging tob e rubbed and petted..as cavaliers do) oh my..i was in heaven for the 2 minutes i was with them. hehe reminded me so much of my ollie.
12 more daysss!!:D

16th October 2007, 11:26 PM
Was the tourguide at Ballymaloe? That' a famous cookery school and restaurant outside Cloyne and Shanagarry and Middleton so you might have been in any of those towns. Glad you enjoyed yourself and met some Irish cavaliers! They are the most popular toy breed here so there are a lot of them. :)

In all the years I've lived in Ireland I have only been to Cobh once and that was just a quick driving tour! That's a beautiful area down there.

Super Princess
16th October 2007, 11:48 PM
we stopped in middleton to collect her bikes from the bike repair shop. but it wasnt that town ...youle...is that the town? the name reminded me of the youle log. had one beautiful stretch of beach.

i dont think it was a famous school..she was doing it for a group of retired women..many widdows who just wanted to get together to socialize a bit.

yeah im glad i got to meet them too..they were very sweet...ive seen a few around..one when i was on a bus tour..we made a pit stop..and there was a little one at the rest stop hehe.
i was amazed though at all the pups just wondering the street..there was those four (jack wrestle, great dane, the two cavaliers..but before this...there were to scottie dogs) back in canada its not all that safe to let them loose...get stolen or hit by a car..run away.
they all seemd to be on adventures...ive acutally seen a few on cobh wondering free too.

haha there was this springer spaniel on the door step to our hotel today..i dont htink he belonged to the hotel..but ohhh he was sweet too!! lol. he wanted inside..:D

Cleo's Person
17th October 2007, 11:48 AM
Oh you were in Youghal! (pronounces youall)For what it's worth it was given to Sir Wlater Raleigh, who brought the potato and tobacco back to England from his travels by Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500's. It's a nice spot, but I haven't spent a day there in ages! There is a famous cookery school not far from there.

Anyway I hope you are enjoying your time in Cork county!