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18th October 2007, 05:48 PM
Just wondering if anyone uses this brand of dog food? www.husse.ie is the website for them here in Ireland. We got our first bag delivered today and the dogs love it! It was first recommended to us by our friends and we had a chat with the reps at the Pet Expo in the RDS last week. Allegedly its made from the best ingredients, helps their digestion, coats etc and is also 90%-92% digestable so you feed them less and your dogs number two's will be less frequent and/or smaller. :)So far it seems great and with free home delivery I cant complain. They have distributers around the country but they will arrange a courier free of charge if there isnt one in your area. They told me that a 15kg bag will last Loki (8 month old akita) for 42 days, whereas a 15kg bag of Pedigree Chum complete was only lasting around 25 (that was for the akita and the 2 cavs). I'm curious to see how long it will last feeding the 3 dogs. I know our dogs deserve the best food possible but being honest we cant afford to feed them royal canin or eukenuba because its far too expensive and were in the process of buying our first home so funds are tight! Does anyone else use this brand of food or can they recommend another good brand thats reasonably priced? Oh the 15kg bag cost us €48 but you can get better ones that go up to €60 or €70.

20th October 2007, 07:43 PM
I haven't used it and I don't know anyone who has but....Swedish pet food is generally made with very high quality ingredients. However, some of the one's that I've looked at use a lot of grain (it has to do with farming practices here), and although I'm not too fussy, I wanted to use something that had meat as the top ingredient. Like I said, I don't know about Husse, but if that concerns you you might want to check it out.

Cute name though--Husse is the dog's male owner (and Matte is it's female owner!)

22nd October 2007, 09:18 AM
Thanks Matte and it is a good name lol! Obvioulsy I didn't know the meaning before. I've posted the ingredients list for anyone who's interested to have a look at and maybe then they could tell me if it's good or not. The food I got was the Prima Plus:

Wheat, chicken, rice, animal fat, fishmeal,
hydrolysed chicken protein, beet pulp,
linseed, yeast, salt, ,
fructo-oligosaccharides, whole dried egg,
lecithin, sodium pyrophosphate, tagetes
extract, b-carotene.

Nutritional Values:
Crude protein 24%, crude fat 11%, water
10%, crude ash 7%, crude ber 2,8%,
calcium 1,1%, phosphorous 0,8%.

Vitamin A 14000 IE/kg, vitamin D3 1400
IE/kg, vitamin E 140 mg/kg, vitamin C 50
mg/kg, copper (copper II sulphate) 20
mg/kg, natural antioxidants

Digestibilty 92%
Metabolised Energy 3870- KCal