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20th October 2007, 02:47 PM
If this is against the forum rules then please remove it as I don't want to cause any hassle to anyone, but here goes.

Is there any people on this forum who show their dogs or breed CKCS that either have a website that they would like re-designed or perhaps don't have a website at all, but are thinking about getting one??

If so, then i may be able to help. I run a small time web design / hosting business from home and after seeing some prices that some companies charge in the region of £400-£600 for small business websites and hobby websites (perhaps for showing your dog) and that is before they charge for hosting and a domain name.

For a limited time (providing this post will be allowed to stay) I will offer my services to members of this forum, quite alot cheaper than what some of these other websites charge.

Some of what you will get included in the price i will give:

A professional control panel demo: http://x3demob.cpx3demo.com:2082/login/?user=x3demob&pass=x3demob USERNAME: x3demob PASSWORD: x3demob
Domain name (yoursite.com, yoursite.co.uk etc etc providing the name is available)
I will throw in a few free updates to your site.
Email addresses / inbox - for example: info@yoursite.com
A UNIQUE DESIGN BY US / NOT A DOWNLOADED TEMPLATE OR DESIGNED BY SOMEONE ELSEIf anyone is interested then send me a PM (private message) and give me some details of what you require, and i will see what i can sort out for you. I will also do some examples if you wish, just to see what you can possibly get for your money.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very genuine offer and not a con, reason for doing this is because my business is still fairly new and would like to put some more sites online. Another reason is because me and my other half are getting a CKCS and this forum have helped greatly so far by reading and posting some questions and i know i can come here for more help if required and that is why i am offering this to members of this forum at a cheaper price than normal.

Conditions of this offer:

You provide the content for your website (text/images/photos).
You contact us when you want your website updated with the required information for example, new text/photos.
Your domain will remain registered on your behalf by us, (we will contact you before your renewal date to see what you want to do for example, renew it.)
Nothing will be to sophisticated for example (online shop) as these are always more expensive than, what prices i offer. however you can still have forums/guest books/counters/contact forms etc.

20th October 2007, 04:27 PM
I have moved this to Shopoholics as that is the section I've set up for products and services. If you set up your service with your own website, I will add that to the links to member's sites that have products/services with cavalier relevance.

We don't have too many show breeders on the board and we don't really have a show or breeding focus, but this may well be of interest to some. :)

Please note that any arrangements are a private matter between board members. For further discussion, PMs are probably the best way forward. :thmbsup:.

20th October 2007, 05:00 PM
Thank you Karlin for moving my post to the appropriate section of the forum, and for letting me post this.

As Karlin has suggested, anyone interested in getting a website at an affordable & competitive price then pm me for more information.