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20th October 2007, 10:26 PM

A TALK BY MR G SKERRITT (Veterinary Neurologist) and his Associates - Ms J Wooley and Mr M Deuchtschland
To be held at
The Stair Arms Pathhead { about 7 miles SE of Edinburgh on the A68}
On Sunday 25TH November 2007
Cost £8.00

1.30 Tea / Coffee
Introduction by The Chairman, Mrs L Gow
2.00 Talk by Mr J Skerritt
Followed by Question Time
4.00 Close.

Please book early - by 17th November at the latest
Further information may be obtained from Mrs G Baillie Tel. 01620 880218
Lunch is available for anyone wishing to arrive early. To be paid for on the day.
{I can e-mail a booking form for anyone wishing to attend}

14th November 2007, 10:03 PM
just a reminder that bookings need to be in soon for this talk - and YES, I am going!!!

It would be lovely to meet up with other Cavalier Talk members - can anyone else come???

27th November 2007, 05:55 PM
May I say I attended Geoff Skerritt's Syringomyelia Talk on Sunday here in Scotland .

Two Questions Ive been wondering about were answered .

Has the New or Pretty Look that many of to-days Cavaliers have ,with the more rounded Fore-Head, deeper Stop ,Shorter Muzzle ,maybe have a link with the SM Problem in the Cavalier Breed?

Mr Skerritt's answer was ,that he and some other Neurologists believe that this perhaps could be a significant and important factor in the Problem .

In fact he mentioned that there is Research looking into this at the moment .

My other question was ,and this has bothered me for quite a while .

Do Cavalier Bitches suffering from SM ,have more pain when whelping their Puppies ?

His answer was because Cavaliers with SM do suffer more pain when barking and doing their toilet ,they will be suffering more pain when whelping

I had asked Dr C Rusbridge this same question ,and she has given the same answer.

One thing that was mentioned by Mr Skerritt ,and this sure shook me was the figure of 85 per cent of Cavaliers having SM ,I dont know whether he meant CM/SM ,

The thing I will never forget was the frightened look in the eyes of a Cavalier with SM in a slide

Weve had Cavaliers suffering from Heart Trouble ,but they never had this frightened look in their eyes .


27th November 2007, 09:04 PM
Thanks for the news on the talk, Bet; I am glad you were able to go along and ask some direct questions. Wow that is a high figure; I know he feels it is very prevalent. I believe he has MRId over 600 cavaliers at this point!

He is the neurologist who MRId Jaspar and Leo for me -- a very kind man.

I am sure he is right that they must have pain in whelping -- imagine if you have headaches and maybe joint pain and neuropathic pain all the time anyway; add to that the strain of giving birth and it must raise the pain level. Humans with Chiari Malformation and/or syringomyelia say any activity where they strain, from sneezing to laughing to using the toilet, can cause severe pain and headache from straining.