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21st October 2007, 02:05 PM
Im looking for recommendations for good de-matting products. Rosalita had an ear infection and the drops were very greasy. Although I kept up with brushing, her ears matted easily. What products do you use to help with combing them out rather than cutting them? I looked up Chris Christensen's Ice on Ice, but teh shipping is $8.00 and there is nothing else I need to buy on that site. That seems a bit high to me, considering the product itslef is only $10.00. Any suggestions??

24th October 2007, 06:41 PM
On recommendation I bought 'The Stuff' spray on conditioner and it works a treat on matts and their coats are lovely -- also the silicone in it helsp prevent them forming as well to some degree. You can also use a little bit of cornstarch (corn flour for the Europeans) and it is a lot cheaper if you just want something to use, dry, on matts -- just work a pinch in and then work on the matts.

24th October 2007, 09:12 PM
Can the product 'The Stuff' be bought at pet shops or vetinary clinics here Karlin, or did you purchase it abroad?

25th October 2007, 11:32 AM
I believe in teh US you can buy it at Petsmart....not sure about abroad, though. Someone else had recommended that, also. I will have to try some!

And how interesting about the cornstarch!! I have a million boxes of it because I am an elementary school science teacher and we have been making Dr. Seuss' Oobleck...you make it with cornstarch, water, and food coloring! It's a strange substance as it has properties of both a liquid and a solid! If anyone has kids, give it a try---it will keep them occupied for a looong time! :)

25th October 2007, 09:49 PM

When going to the shows this company is the one I always head for first, if they don't stock/sell it then it isn't worth buying basically! BOTH "The Stuff" and also "Ice-on-Ice" are stocked by them, I have used both products and have a slight leaning towards the Ice-On-Ice personnally, a little goes an incredibly long way!

For really bad knots saturate the knots with the Ice-on-Ice then wait 24 hours, then spray again and get stuck in!! Fantastic product! :thmbsup:

Here's the site! http://www.hubint.co.uk/

BTW you will find many things on this site that you never knew you needed but simply HAVE to have, I will not be held responsible for massive credit card bills etc, etc.................:rotfl:

7th November 2007, 02:16 PM
Oh yeah I have seen them all right. That's a HUGE amount of stuff I didn't know I needed!! :eek: :lol:

I really like those products that have silicone like The Stuff and looks like Ice on Ice as well (that's what makes the knots easier to detangle). They really continue to look great for a couple of weeks when sprayed and dried with products like this after a bath, and it keeps them clean and definitely prevents or slows matts forming.