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22nd October 2007, 12:51 AM
I know little of the above site, but out of curiosity visited it briefly one day. I was horrified to note that they had an add titled Puppies for Sale!
One man appeard to be selling a little Cavalier of just 8weeks with little information with regard to health certs, parents etc etc. Ok he did have a contact number, but I cannot understand how this type of selling is permitted on line, as it presents so many issues for potential buyers. They state that they make sure that everything is carried out carefully with regard to these breeders, but how carefully? and how can they know where these puppies are going and if they are being bought for breeding by unscrupulous people or even other puppy farm owners or pet shops in other countries? Surely any prospective owner can by means of a carefully worded email present himself as he would wish to be perceived ;as a dog lover, so it just is so dangerous. I would so love to see our national tv stations, local papers, and radio stations giving a daily slot to animal welfare , highlightling these issues and having serious debate about puppy farms, brokers, unscrupulous breeders etc etc. They need to be graphic in their descriptions of what goes on and how animals are suffering in an appaling way for the benefit of those in the bussiness purely for profit. I have put a number of flyers to this effect outside post offices and shops in an effort to highlight the problem at local level, but I fear the government needs to take the whole business more seriously and finance the ISPCA more adequately to enable them to be able to monitor more closely what is going on down country lanes. Why for example are unscrupulous people allowed to export puppy farm dogs and dogs with serious genetic or hereditary illnesses? At the very least one would expect them to supply full and legitimate health certs for parents and puppies alike along with a detailed history of their breeding programme befor being allowed to export to other countries. The people who buy such puppies by just seeing a picture on a computer screen which may well not be the puppy which is for sale, must be either totally naive or perhaps are also in the profit making business themselves ,such as the broker in New York which Karlin warned us about. Any suggestions as to how we as animal lovers can put a stop to this?

22nd October 2007, 01:02 AM
I have changed the subject heading to remove the name of the site.

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