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22nd October 2007, 04:18 PM
Our Cav- Barney is 4 years old. We are both at work all day and whilst he has adapted very well to our lifestyle I'm sure he would like some company.
I am wary of bringing a puppy into the house although my husband thinks it would be good for him.
What experience do other members have of introducing pups to grown dogs:confused:

22nd October 2007, 04:23 PM
Uhhh, it seems to me that most people on this board have more than 1 cavalier. We do foster and I do pup sit for people who have my pups-- so all of my dogs have gotten used to dogs and or pups coming and going.

22nd October 2007, 04:27 PM
Generally you will maybe have a period of adjustment where Barney has to learn to accept this young "whipper snapper" and realise that he is no longer the centre of attention any more! It's a bit like bringing a new baby home when you already have one child!

I have always found that if you have room for 1 Cavalier then you have room for 2, 3, 4............................ icon_whistling Many people on here have 2 or more Cavaliers, they rub along really well, doesn't really matter sex wise as a rule either although if you are going to mix sexes then do get your bitch spayed obviously!

When/if you do bring in a new puppy always supervise the few days together, control all initial contacts and make sure that Barney gets lots of 1-2-1 attention too so that he doesn't get jealous!

Hope this is of help to you?

22nd October 2007, 04:28 PM
I have four dogs. When I introduced the second dog the first was 1-1/2yrs.... the third was introduced when the first was 3 and the second was 2, and the fourth was introduced when the first was 6, second 5, third 3.

So, NO problem with a bit of preparation that can be done with some easy reading.

I highly encourage more than one dog! ;)

Scouty girl
22nd October 2007, 04:34 PM
I know most people like to say that the dogs will work things out, but please keep a close eye on the pup. My Mom's neighbor had two dogs, a lab and then a small mixed terrier. Recently they brought another puppy into the house and he terrorizes the terrier mix. Never leaving her alone, although she does snap and show her teeth. The people never correct the puppy, but you can tell the older dog is trying to get away as the pup is hanging off her lip, leg, tail whatever he can grab. I can't bear to watch. They never intervene. I can't believe they think it's ok.

22nd October 2007, 11:58 PM
I suppose that's a real issue for a boisterous puppy (possibly of a larger breed?) and a small dog like a Yorkie. I was worried myself when I got Amber as Holly had had NO socialisation with other pups (only survivor in the litter; mistreated by the original breeder) and she honestly did not know what to make of Amber, who was a very well socialised bundle of mischief. For us it's worked well, but it did take time... but as I write, the pair of them are snuggled up together on the furry blanket on the sofa! You just need to be patient, and remember NEVER to leave the puppy alone with the adult until you are certain they can be trusted together. It wasn't until Amber was 7 months that I started crating them together.

23rd October 2007, 03:12 PM
Dont think it would be great idea to bring a puppy into the house hold if u are both working all day. Who is going to give the puppy its 3-4 feeds aday and also what about the toilet trainning.
If u can get someone to come in and fed and spent some time with it it would probly would be ok. Maybe a puppy that bit older might be easier.

Ginger's Mom
23rd October 2007, 05:48 PM
If you can have two, please DO!

23rd October 2007, 07:33 PM
A single dog home alone all day will be MUCH happier with company. :) So a definite vote yes to get a companion. However as Sallymum notes -- if you get a puppy, either someone needs to take time off, or you need to arrange for someone to come in several times a day for the first two months (and even then, it will take a long, long time to housetrain because no one will be there to work consistently on this).

I'd recommend going for an older puppy -- at least 6 months old biut better that it be 9 months or older (and even then you still must have someone come home midday to let them out). Or else consider rehoming an adult. Either way, someone really should take two weeks off to supervise the new arrival, as young or old, it cannot be left alone with a strange dog and vice versa.

Note that a puppy in particular should never be left out in a garden with no one home. :thmbsup: So that makes housetraining an issue for many months and needs to be considered as you make plans for any new addition. :)

25th October 2007, 01:06 PM
Thanks for all your replies. As I suspected a very young pup wouldnt be practical due to our lifestyle. With our previous dog and this one as a puppy he was with my dad all day everyday whilst we worked until he got too much to handle. By which time he adapted to our lifestyle and seems perfectly fine 'home alone'- however we would need to take time off with a new pup- i recognise that.
will need to park that idea for a lter date- retirement maybe?