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2nd November 2007, 12:55 AM

I had posted here a few weeks ago about how we were considering adopting a puppy mill dog. Thought I would let you know how things were at the end of the first week.

Basically everything is going better than we could have hoped. He's completely integrated into the group with Gadget and Sasha. All three of them sit on the mat together next to the dining room table when we eat. He and Sasha play vigorously several times a day. He sleeps well at night, and continues to sleep on the bed with us. I guess we are less frightening when we are under the covers. :) We've had a couple of bathrooming mistakes but these were due to our inattentiveness. We really haven't had any problem with marking but we'll see how this goes when he's introduced the the second floor of the house this weekend. He's eating well and we've just about finished transitioning him over to his new food with no sign of stomach upset.

He's very interested in us, at least as a source of food and treats, but not in terms of any physical attention. I have been able to get him to let me stroke him on his chest, under his chin a couple of times but we're not pushing this. He has gotten up on the couch, but not when we were on it. We have done nothing about leash training and won't until after the vet visit.

He did growl at me last night. He had to go to the bathroom and then did not want to come back out to bed. I attribute this to the fact that it was the middle of the night and I was not as slow as I usually am in approaching him or telling him that I was going to have to pick him up. I'll certainly be more careful in the future.

He goes to the vet next tuesday and we have someone coming in about 10 days after that to help us with some training techniques. She uses primarily clicker training with "second-chance dogs" and has focused on fear aggressive dogs. We'll see what we learn on this. She's coming to our house so this should minimize some of stress on Wyatt.

My older son and his fiance were over with their dog last night and this also went quite well. He has also greeted some other dogs and people through the fence and seem quite okay with this. My son thought that he must have had his tail broken at some point. It appears there is a good-sized lump at the base of his tail and when he doesn't have it flying like a flag it drops straight down. If this is the case, and was the result of some human-inflicted trauma, this could go along way in explaining his strong aversion to being touched anywhere along his back, particularly his hindquarters. I wish I could offer him some physical affection; he looks like he could use it, but we're going very, very slow in this area.

Anyway, everything is going quite well. He's asleep in the dog bed at my feet right now! If you are interested in seeing a photo of him you can check out the Lucky Star website. He's the last listing in "adopted" section.


Cathy T
2nd November 2007, 01:07 AM
Well done Margaret! I loved reading about Wyatt. I'm adding the link to him from Lucky Star since I immediately had to go look at him http://www.luckystarcavalierrescue.org/page.php?name=Rescues&detail=yes&id=312

What a great looking boy he is. Sounds like you are slowly making headway with him. That's great!! Keep up the fantastic work and can't wait to hear more about him! It really sounds like you are putting a lot of thoughtful work into making this boy whole again. And I have no doubt that you will!!

2nd November 2007, 02:37 AM
Wyatt is beautiful. Bless you for giving this gorgeous dog a second chance and a first chance to live in a loving home. Judy and Dixie

2nd November 2007, 07:22 AM
He is a loverly looking dog and seems to have got to his forever home you are doing a good job and giving him time to get to know you all
----Aileen and the gang (Barney---Jazzie---Sam)

2nd November 2007, 08:28 AM
Wyatt looks gorgeous. You're a star!:rah:

2nd November 2007, 08:30 AM
He is beautiful...well done on giving him a loving home and giving him time to adapt.

I wish you all many happy years together.

2nd November 2007, 10:18 AM
:rah:Well Done! :rah: Thank you so much for giving Wyatt a wonderful home! I read what his Lucky Star page said and loved how you had a dog communicator work with Wyatt to see how he felt about his forever home!!!! I hope over time he continues to trust you and come out of his shell. He sure is a beautiful dog!

2nd November 2007, 10:43 AM
Margaret, what wonderful news! You are doing excellent work with him and are doing all the right things -- taking him on his own terms in some areas while guiding him gently toward greater confidence and more desired bbehaviours in others. Clicker training usually works a wonder with rescues as it makes it much clearer to them when they are getting things right. I bet that will bea fun session for him and for you. :)

2nd November 2007, 11:00 AM
Sounds like you are the perfect match for each other and I hope one day soon he lets you cuddle him. He's gorgeous.

Claire L
2nd November 2007, 11:29 AM
Congratulations Margaret :flwr: looks like Wyatt has certainly found the PERFECT forever home. He is a lovely boy! (thanks for posting the link Cathy T!)
I'm sure it wont be long before he's cuddling up beside you and I tell you; there is no better feeling in all the world than a once petrified doggie suddenly deciding that you're OK - it WILL come and when it does, enjoy it!! :rah::hug:

2nd November 2007, 12:04 PM
It's so refreshing for me to hear how fortunate that rescues are properly rehomed to a perfect loving home. Wyatt choosing is own perfect forever home makes it extra special. Someday soon he will reward you with the cuddles he deserves. Keep us posted on his progress. :luv:

Rj Mac
2nd November 2007, 12:13 PM
Congratulations, Wyatt is gorgeous, and with time things will get easier for him, you're a star for taking this boy in :):luv::flwr:

2nd November 2007, 02:18 PM
Ah,well done. Have been wondering how Wyatt was settling in. Sometimes a log is handy to remember all the baby steps and realize how far they've come-reassurance for the parents when he hits a plateau for a bit. What a joy to read about him and your loving :rah:.

2nd November 2007, 02:19 PM
It is so lovely to read that Wyatt was lucky enough to have found you to love him.

2nd November 2007, 02:42 PM
Congratulations! It sounds like a perfect match : ) I used to volunteer with a rescue group that took in abused pit bulls, so I know that there's no better feeling than when an animal that didn't have the best start in life starts to trust you and show affection. Keep us posted on his progress!

2nd November 2007, 03:05 PM
What a handsome fellow, and it sounds like things are going really well. Good for all of you!

My favorite dog psychologist, Anders Hallgren (http://www.andershallgren.se/en/) , says that dogs who are afraid of people are really over-sensitive to signals. Basically, his suggestion is to approach a fearful dog as if you yourself were a dog approaching an unknown dog, slowly, from the side and avoiding physical contact. You might want to look for his books in English.

Kerry and Bentley
2nd November 2007, 03:22 PM
What a great story :) Thanks for the update! Wyatt is gorgeous!

2nd November 2007, 03:34 PM
Bless you for giving Wyatt his forever home. With all your hard work with him I am sure he will give you cuddles in his own time. Please keep us updated on him.

Cleo's Person
2nd November 2007, 04:14 PM
It sounds like the first week has gone very well! You are an angel to have rescued him and to take him on his own terms. I look forward to :snap: :snap: and hearing all about how his training sessions go!

2nd November 2007, 04:20 PM
What a handsome boy. Well done for giving him a chance. Hope to hear more updates as taime passes. Good on ya.:flwr:

Daisy's Mom
2nd November 2007, 05:49 PM
He's so, so pretty. (Is it ok to call a boy dog pretty?) You are angels to give him a good home, that's for sure. Once my kids are grown up and moved away :(, I'd like to try to foster and/or adopt a rescue Cavalier. I love reading about people's experiences with them.

I just cannot fathom mistreating a dog, period. But to do so to such an extent that you make a human-loving breed like the Cavalier afraid of people is just sickening. There is something missing in a lot of people out there, unfortunately. I would say I hope they come back in a future life as their own dog, but I hope that no dogs in the future are mistreated, so that won't work! Karma, do your thing to puppy mill owners and anyone else who is cruel to animals!!

Elaine 2
2nd November 2007, 09:18 PM
He's a little beauty, I'm glad he's found his forever home your doing a great job with him