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2nd November 2007, 01:35 AM
I noticed a couple of people went to Discover dogs at Earls court last year but theres nothing up to promote it for this year!

I have been two years running now - 2005 & 2006 and thoroughly enjoyed both occasions.

Myself and my youngest daughter(13)are very doggy-fied and have always had plenty to do and see :D

The first time we went we were at our wits end in regards to our then,current dog and found some sound advise and a very good contact via the border collie dept.We were able to pick up super cheap`pal`doggie treats and a brand spanking new tag in aid of battersea dogs home for £2 !!
The obedience shows in the main ring were second to none and left us in awe of what we should and could do with ours :)

The second time we went we came home laden with GSD posters and keyrings(the police force were showing off their latest 6month old prodigy....aww!)and we learned a great deal about seperation anxiety(having not long recieved the latest furry example in CKC `I wanna be with you always` technology lol)!aka Titch!

If youre in the area and are free then go! You wont regret it.

Im planning to go on saturday 10th nov as Im working on the sunday.

If anyone wants to go and wants to meet up please let me know.

Ill be there with my daughter anyway come rain or shine.

2nd November 2007, 11:23 AM
Ooooh I'm going too - with my mum and my sister.

I went in 2005, mum went in 2006 and my sister's never been so we decided to take her along this year!

I can't wait! Thanks for getting me all excited already!! :)

2nd November 2007, 06:51 PM
iam going to be going there :D, went there last year it was fab:D iam going with my dad

5th November 2007, 12:57 PM
I'm going to - haven't managed to go before but am making sure that nothing stops me this year :dogwlk:

10th November 2007, 08:24 PM
Had a super day at Discover Dogs (after a 2hour journey due due vandalism on tube :mad:). Got lots of goodies for the girls for xmas, spent some time oohing over the cavaliers that were at the show :)
Also came across a UK distributor of Angel Eyes - so have got some to try.

10th November 2007, 11:45 PM
Omg what a great day we had too :D

Did you know that the King Charles Spaniel was a CKC Spaniel cross bred with a Pug,a Japanese Chin and a Bulldog?
Well I didnt until today!

Also that SM is relatively rare in KC Spaniels in the UK?
Well I didnt until today!!

I managed to pick up a few Christmas pressies plus a couple of bargains - A new stripey red t-shirt for Titch that fits perfectly - a fiver.
A new dog tag from the Battersea dogs home stall for £2 :wggle:

I also came across Robert Alleyne from Dog Borstal right in front of me next to the Border terriers :blabla::w**h**:
I was itching to talk to him,to say hello and tell him how great I thought he was:smile:but he was in deep conversation with someone and after hanging around for a few minutes I concluded it would be rude to butt in with an amatuer infatuated outburst :lol:

The highlight of the day was coming across a coffee that was half the price it was last year:p

11th November 2007, 12:02 AM
Sandra - Did you notice how many cavvies there were?!
I think every shape,size and colour were there!

I saved the best til last and got to them about 3.30 and they were all on a big long table flaked out side by side in a row aww :luv:

12th November 2007, 12:14 PM
Yes - they were all relaxing when I saw them as well - all colours. It was very interesting seeing the King Charles Spaniels as well as you don't see so many of them.