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we luv lexi
6th November 2007, 08:25 AM
well hello first of all.
Im new here. My husband and I have just brought beautiful lexi into our lives and shes an absolute dream!
Poor thing got her Vaccines yesterday and shes in soooooo much pain! Is this normal to hurt THIS much? I cant even pick her up she starts yelping and crying so loud! I feel horrible, she just laying there because she dosent even want to walk. The vet told me she would be sore for 12-24hours but she seems to be in an excessive amount of pain. did anyone else go through this?

also, on a different note, has anyone used this product called "angel eyes"
its a powder you put in the food to decrease the tear production a little bit to reduce the staining, the vet said it was fine as long as it was made with natural proteins. how do i know? has anyone used this or against it?

appreciate your feedback.

6th November 2007, 09:15 AM
the jab thing is normal many dogs have pain from the jab although i think it can depend on how the vet does it..it will pass and she will soon pick up

as for angel eye well a soft cloth or wipe every day will do the trick better

6th November 2007, 01:00 PM
icon_welcome Vanessa and Lexi!

I can't answer either of your questions. My guys have never had any problems with their innoculations and I wipe Zena's and Ziggy's faces with damp wash cloths.

However, I am ever so happy to welcome the two of you to the CT community. My name is Julie and I live in South Florida with a collection of corgis and cavaliers. While I'm not one of them, there are many cavalier experts on this site and I am sure they can give you the very best information available, So please ask away!

One other thing - we love pictures around here so please post some as soon as possible!

Again, icon_welcome ! We are so glad you're here.

6th November 2007, 01:08 PM
They sometimes get the tear staining when they are teething. I just kept Dylan's clean and he doesn't get it anymore.

6th November 2007, 01:18 PM
icon_welcome Vanessa and Lexi! My pup had his first jab and screamed like a banshee. He was also out of it all night long. Poor baby. I had to give him water with a syringe so he wouldn't dehydrate. Next morning he was back to his usual rascally self. He just had his second jab that didn't phase him and will be getting his rabies vac next week. I'm sure Lexi will be back to her usual self again too. I haven't used the anything for the tear stains yet though.

Debby with a Y
6th November 2007, 01:32 PM
Welcome! And we would LOVE to see pictures of pretty Lexi!

I just couldn't imagine putting something inside my doggy to clear up a cosmetic problem. I read here that they can outgrow it, that it is related to teething and/or their heads growing while they are pups. I washed him with a warm wet cloth a couple of times a day and now he has very minimal staining at 4 months.

A funny thing was that as his staining cleared up, it revealed two cute freckles!

So far as the shots, Barkley yelped but good when he got his but now he is OK. If Lexi still hurts today, call the vet.

6th November 2007, 02:31 PM
Welcome from us, too! I live near Cleveland, Ohio and have two Cavs, a Golden Retriever and an English Springer.

Where did the vet give Lexi her shots? I ask my vet to give shots in the hindquarters, away from the neck. Cavaliers can have some neurological problems, and I've read that it makes sense to avoid the sensitive neck area for that reason. How is she feeling now?

If she doesn't perk up soon, I'd call the vet and tell them about her reaction and see what they think.

Oh, and lastly, but most importantly... we need pictures of Lexi!!! :rolleyes:

we luv lexi
6th November 2007, 06:08 PM
Thanks so much to all of you! it really broke my heart last night to see her like that, shes always so playful and happy. Thank God, she's back to her normal self today, shes playing and jumping to give us kisses like always!
thank u all for ur input, support, and warm welcomes.
I promise i will post some pics soon.
By the way, we also live in south florida in miami.
look for pix soon!:luv:

Cleo's Person
7th November 2007, 10:30 AM
icon_welcome to the board. Looking forward to seeing pics of Lexi soon! :) Delighted to hear she's back to herself BTW.

7th November 2007, 11:30 AM
Hi there I'm a relative newbie too!
Our little Barney cried briefly with his jab but was right as rain afterwards and I'm glad to hear that lexi is too. I think dogs must be like humans in repsect of jabs- they dont bother me in the slightest but my husband cries like a girl!( well whimpers!) LOL

8th November 2007, 10:06 AM
Hi Vanessa

Welcome to the forum. I am glad to hear that Lexi's pain has passed. That would have had me worried. I saw our Sonny freak out when he got an antibiotic shot some time back, but he settled down quickly afterwards. I've never had a dog show pain once they got home, though I think I have heard of it here on the forum by others. Still, it would have worried me & I'd have been on the phone to the vets checking to see if there was anything I should need to know about.