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Super Princess
12th November 2007, 12:45 AM
I dont have a problem leaving ollie in the car for a few minutes (say i park..run to return a video or whatever)
but today i took him to this lake with lots of trails..we parked the car next to a truck with two MASSIVE (i mean horse sized) dogs sitting in the truck.
We went for a wonderfully long walk...he was so excited to be out and about..

We came back..Those dogs were STILL there..
we had been gone for over an hour!

common..theyre in the PERFECT place for takeing hte pups for a walk..or throwing a ball... and they leave them in the truck????
If theyre going for a run or a biek ride FINE...leave the dogs at home!

Debby with a Y
12th November 2007, 12:47 AM
Here in tropical South Florida...IDIOTS not only leave dogs in cars...they leave children in cars...all of them die. It is horrificly tragic.

Unfortunately there are no IQ tests before one can buy a dog or have a child.

Sad, very sad.

12th November 2007, 01:00 AM
I know dogs are not allowed in shopping malls. My pup is so small that I actually use a canvas bag to carry my gear and him in it. It bothers me to see people leave dogs in the car including children. Just the other day I saw a SUV with the keys in the ignition as the 6 year old started the car. No adults in attendance! :mad:

Debby with a Y
12th November 2007, 02:14 AM
I just bought a stroller for Barkley and I'm not brave enough yet to try it everywhere but...I've tried it in a few places, and he doesn't bark, and...it is a viable solution!!!

12th November 2007, 02:26 AM
If you see a dog locked in a car while it's hot outside you should alert the police. I'm pretty sure it's considered a crime in many states.

When the weather permits, I sometimes leave Kingston in the car if I'm running into the post office or ordering food. It makes me extremely nervous, so I always make sure to park my car where I can view it from inside the building. I'm always terrified that someone might break into my car and steal my furry baby!

Debby with a Y
12th November 2007, 02:38 AM
If you see a dog locked in a car while it's hot outside you should alert the police. I'm pretty sure it's considered a crime in many states.

It is here!

And I agree...I might leave Barkley for two minutes while I run into the convenience mart but even with the doors locked, I am so afraid my handsome young man will be dognapped!!!

Super Princess
12th November 2007, 03:08 AM
haha i figured i get a better responce posting that here then i did on the other board i posted on (nothing to do with dogs...but the community that i live in...the board is for people who have and work with kids!)
someone jumped all over me saying that i didnt know for a fact that these dogs were not walked while i was walking my dog.

no...for a fact i dont know that they were not walked while i was walking my dog..however...i find it highly unlikely that the dogs ..being right where they were when i left htem...were in the same place when i came back... my moneys on then never being removed while i was gone (if im makeing sence here)

I think that leaving dogs and children in hte cars are very very much hte same..dogs (at least to some people..) are members of hteir family..not just pets..they're like ..little harry children...(hahaha)
thats why i never leave oliver tied up outside astore to go shopping as some dog owneres do...i would be so nervous..

I remember once..our truck started leaking while we were on the top of a ski mountian..had hte dog with us....so we drove down to the city below..foudn the first repair shop we could find and left the truck there.
We then...were really hungry and in a strange town with nothing to do..
found a restraunt...insted of teiing him to a post near the patio (still would have to go inside the restraunt adn around to get to the dog if there was an issue.. we each had to take turns going in to order take out...while the other sat on the side walk with the dog...where we eventually ate our meal.

but what if those poor big horse dogs i saw today had to pee or something? thats along time to leave a dog un attended especially at a place where a dog could be so happy

Cathy T
12th November 2007, 03:24 AM
I always make sure to park my car where I can view it from inside the building

Me too! That is one area that there is no give on. If I can't park in front of the Starbucks and see my car from the counter...then I'm not going in. There is a woman in my neighborhood who leaves her Cavalier in the front seat of the car when she goes in the grocery store. If I can't see them...I won't leave them. It's just not worth the worry.

shell nyc
13th November 2007, 12:46 AM
Completely agree! As a general rule dogs should not be left in the car alone. I'm so afraid someone will still my little cuddler that I won't dare leave him in the car or tied somewhere alone.
But...with his big sis around, everything is fine. :) Weather permitting I have left the two of them together with the sunroof open, no worries about losing the dog or the car when there's a big black german shepherd staring out the window as well. :D

13th November 2007, 12:49 AM
I just read today that a handler in CA (I think) had his show bitch stolen from his car when he was in a restaurant!! How sad.....