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Ginger's Mom
13th November 2007, 05:56 PM

Do you guys remember Judy? She is from Santa Monica and has a beautiful male tri (cannot remember his name).

She's been a very active member of the board but I have not seen her recently... She gave me a ton of advices last year when I was getting ready to welcome Ginger home. I tried to PM her to ask a question but it says her PM storage is full and cannot accept any more messages.
Does anyone know what happened? Hope all is well with her...

13th November 2007, 06:12 PM
She comes online now and then and was here in the last few days; she posted a short while back.

Many people are active for a while then go on to other interests. Sometimes they return back to forums and other times they don't. We have nearly 2,000 members out of which about 200-300 will be regular visitors at any period of time. Some never post, some post a few times and stop, some post a lot then stop, stop are members for a long time without posting then start to post. It's all part of the lifecycle of a board.

People can only keep a certain number of messages and once their space is full, their inbox won't accept any more, so it's important to delete old PMs. People can download their messages if they want a record of them and then delete the messages from the mailbox itself.

15th November 2007, 05:58 AM
I have thought about Judy from time to time myself, I'm pretty sure her boys was called Zack and her daughters cav was bella. I do remember she mentioned she was busy taking care of her mum at one time so maybe this is why she has been too busy or as karlin said ?

Hope all is well for her though, lovely lady

20th November 2007, 01:54 AM
hi guys
i haven't been posting in a long time, but i think of you guys all the time, every time Zack does some cavalier thing i'd like to share with people who truly understand, or if i have a problem or issue i could use some advice or sympathy about, and mainly, i just miss what my life was back then, the simplicity and sweetness of it.

I've been in some kind of experiential meat grinder in the past year. i've had a series of disasters and ordeals. I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get my mom's needs met for the first part of the year, then that finally got worked out in April, after so many twists and turns, and it's taken having a private caregiver 24/7 and a nursing home, to keep her closely watched enough so that she doesn't fall and hurt herself, but she is happy where she is, and after lots of confusion and doubt i had to go through and fear and guilt, i am glad about the solution, she enjoys the company and the activities. The financial aspects are mind boggling, i still need to keep figuring out how that's going to work in the long run, but i've been working on it, nothing seems to get solved entirely, there's always more. but i'm happy that she's happy.

After getting her settled, i spent all my free time for two months decluttering my apartment, i now have over a hundred boxes with labels on them and a permanently sore elbow, but my place is so nice, so much space now and easy to move around, it feels free and open, and now i'm more organized, which was critical after taking over my mom.

But then, in July, i had Fleabusters come to my place to put their boric acid product in my carpet, to prevent fleas, although already i wasnt' having any, probably because i was vacuuming almost daily with my new Dyson Slim, and i gave Zack Revolution and Capstar. My plan was after having Fleabusters come, i wouldn't have to give him those meds anymore. I thought Fleabusters was generally nontoxic.

But the guy who came out seems to have put too much, or something went wrong. When he was there, he showed me a canister and he told me it was a liquid he was going to spray in my bathrooms, under my beds and on my furniture, in addition to the dust in the carpet. I asked what it was and he said pyrethrins. Apparently he wasn't supposed to do that because after he left, i got a burning sensation in my upper respiratory tract. I thought it was from the dust and it would go away after a while but it didnt. I called the company to ask what to do and i was told it would go away pretty soon, and it would be a good idea to wash the carpet. he said there was no way the guy could've sprayed pyrethrins, he mustve sprayed liquid boric acid, the man must've made a mistake when he said pyrethrins. i still thought it was just the boric acid dust at that point, a couple of weeks after it was put in. washing the carpet didn't help.

I called them again and they didnt call me back after several calls. So i reported it to the state. The county investigated and the man who came to my house told the inspector that he didn't spray any liquid in my house at all. So apparently he did something he wasn't supposed to, and i don't really know what it was.

i found out it costs a lot for me to have someone come out and test the air, over a thousand dollars, and i had someone come out to take dust samples and paid him $300, and then he called me and said it would cost $750 to have the samples tested by a lab. So i didn't do it. i don't know if i should. everything is costing so much.

I was also told by a couple of sources that i would have to throw away my furniture, my beds, sofa, etc. That will be really expensive and traumatic. i dont know what to do. i called a lawyer but he said there wasn't enough money involved to justify a lawsuit. i guess i'll get a second opinion. I wrote to eric brockovich on her website but she didn't write back.

After three months of irritation in my lungs, i finally had to move out. i moved to my mom's house, it's actually in my name now. im lucky i have a place to go to, but it's very far from my office and my clients, and my whole life. my roots. i've been in the apartment for 14 years and in the area for 25 years, and i love it, it's by the ocean, nice town, my apartment is large, two story, two bedroom, backyard with trees and patio, living room looks out on lovely backyard, it's affordable, $850. the two story two bedroom condo next door is listed for $1,175,000. i could never live there if i didn't have a rent controlled apartment. i'm still paying the rent though i'm not living there, but i don't know what to do, whether i should throw my furniture away, try to get the carpet replaced, i dont know, it's not even for sure or clear that throwing away my furniture is necessary. It's just possible. so it's hard to just do it. replacing it will be so expensive. and i love my furniture.

i just dont know what to do, i tried to fix it but couldn't figure out how. Now, i'm not living there, but i can't just give the place up, it's unreplaceable and it's where my life is. i'm taking a month off from work, trying to deal just with my mom's house, it needs repairs and it's very crammed, the drawers and closets and cabinets,, my daughter and her boyfriend have been living here and their stuff is all over the place because there's no where to put it, or my stuff, so i've been working on that a lot. it's so much work. and i'm really dazed and disoriented, sometimes depressed, had a couple of anxiety attacks.

There's some good parts. Living with my daughter Lisa is for the most part fun and nice, and i now have her cavalier too, Belle. I moved me and Zack and Fluffy the cat over here, and they have Belle and their cat Aurora. Fluffy had a bad reaction to the move, she's 15, she was scared for Aurora, they both don't like other cats, but both are not aggressive, but they scared each other. Fluffy stopped eating. It went on for days, i took her to the vet, he gave her shots of antibiotics, steroids, did blood tests, expressed her anal glands, etc. She did get better quickly after that, what a relief.

i love Aurora, she's the sweetest cat. But she is clawing up the furniture. it's just one thing after another, Zack who was house trained started pooping in the house right from the beginning, Lisa has these 4 stray cats in the backyard she's been feeding. She didn't want them to get scared away so she wanted me to not let Zack out into the backyard, whereas that's what he's used to doing, for his poop, so she wanted to just walk him frequently, but then, she didn't really follow through with the frequent walks. It's been pretty chaotic a lot of the time, in these and other ways.

anyway, some day, somehow, i'm going to have my simple life back. and then i can have time for posting and chatting, i miss it a lot.

thanks for your thoughts, i do think of cavaliertalk so often and miss you.

20th November 2007, 08:34 AM
Hope things get better for you really soon. Take care.

21st November 2007, 01:06 AM
oh judy *****HUGZ*****

I miss you so much!! You wouldn't believe how often I think about you. I think I last spoke to you this summer when Kosmo was going in for his bi-lateral luxating patella surgery. I am happy to let you know that he's doing GREAT after that. I actually have a Christmas card here for you, but since you're not going to be at your house, you're living at your mom's, can you please PM me or email me your address there? Also, do you still have the same cell phone number?

I'm so glad you made the decision to move out of your house. I don't know what on earth that guy could have put there, but I can't believe how the state is failing you. Obviously a thorough investigation needs to be done and they need to pinpoint exactly what's going on with the air/carpets in your house. And to be honest with you, I think the COMPANY should be responsible for that!! I think you should seek a few second opinions from different lawyers. I know you have enough to deal with right now, but I can't understand how that guy could have so obviously messed up, and they are pinning everything on you! That's not how it is supposed to be. Maybe if you get the tests run, then you have a real reason to sue that company. Especially if there is some kind of toxic air in the apartment Judy, you might need to know for possible future medical implications not only for yourself, but for whoever decides to rent that apartment should you ever move out :flwr:

So Zack is 2 now :) Kosmo is turning 2 in January. I can't believe how fast they have grown. It seems like just yesterday we were bragging to each other about who's dog was the first to lift their leg :rolleyes: If you can believe it, Faith turned 1 last weekend. She's getting to be such a monster.


can you believe how much hair she has? It's a nightmare! lol .. .. I would love to see an updated picture of Zack. I am sure he's still as gorgeous as ever, but I still wanna see him.. and it would be nice to see Belle too!!

It's nice to hear that Lisa and Joe are still doing well. I'm sure Zack appreciates having Belle as company. Last I remembered, she wasn't 100% house trained either, so maybe that's the reason Zack has started to revert back a little bit. Plus it's probably a little awkward for him to adjust to having so many people/animals in the house after just having you and fluffy for all of those years :flwr:

I'm so glad to hear that your mom is happy. I know that's been such an emotional strain on you. It's great that you finally found a facility that's willing to work with her "wandering" and it's all turned out fine. Persistence pays! ;)

It's great that your work is so flexible and is letting you have time off to get all of this stuff sorted out. If you had to leave your apartment due to respiratory issues caused by that man, and it's causing you to lose work, I really think you have good grounds for a compensation. I don't mean to sound so quick to file a lawsuit, but really, your health is priceless and I am infuriated that the state of California would not be more interested in investigating this case. The least they could do is to come out and test the air or some carpet fibers for you. If I were you, I would probably hold off on replacing the carpet as of yet, because in the end, it may have penetrated more than just the carpet (i know you mentioned the furniture) and I would want to get that checked out.

Anyways, in the end, I can't say how happy and relieved I am to have heard from you and heard that you are doing well. I miss you so much Judy. I miss your wisdom in your posts, and hearing all of your goofy stories about Zack. I miss your awesome camera shots and shopping for goofy things like dog root's sweaters.. hehe :) I hope to hear more frequently from you and remember, if you ever need to talk, just give me a call! *You still do have my number, right?*

I had to order another one of those singing dogs that you sent me last Christmas. Faith has taken over that gooby camoflauge sweater.. remember this?? LOL


Take care of yourself Judy and I miss you !!!! :hug:

21st November 2007, 01:06 AM
PS - with the addition of this post to you, I have now become a "Royal Spaniel!!!!!!!"


19th December 2007, 07:58 AM
sara--i miss u too. thank you so much for posting the video of kosmo's fun with the singing dog toy, you read mind,i had just been wishing i could see it again, great entertainment. petsmart has both the jingle bells and the 'we wish you a merry christmas' and i got both, the dogs love them and they are so funny.

last christmas was extra sweet because of you.

it's amazing to think that that was pre-faith. it seems like she's been here forever now.

the photos and videos are wonderful, i enjoy them so much; you are so good at capturing moments. i showed my daughter lisa all of them. faith is really huge. and beautiful. kosmo is quite the gentleman. you've trained them well

since i moved in here exactly two months ago to the day, belle and zack who were previously housetrained, have slowly come apart as far as the indoor/outdoor thing. it was becoming a daily thing, whenever no one was watching them, like if we went out, or even when we were home. not sure how this happened. it's a serious crisis. there has been so much poop that i've had a few dreams about it, even smelling it in my dreams. today we just arranged for a trainer to come out and help us, he's coming Friday morning, i'm really looking forward to it.

we bought crates a couple of days ago, and all the bedding and bowls and things that go with them. But we've been supervising them more closely and letting them outside often and have had no more poops and pees in the past two days. hallelujah. but one of the cats is pooping now in inappropriate places, like the kitchen table this morning :-(

to complicate things, belle developed a bladder infection. three nights ago, i was laying on my bed, on top of my down comforter duvet, belle was laying by my side peacefully asleep, breathing softly, a few inches from me. i was focused on the computer, when i felt wetness on my leg. I looked to see what the heck it was, and there was a massive puddle on my comforter duvet. belle and zack were sleeping and zack was nowhere near it, and at first i didn't think it was a pee, i mean, i immediately ruled that out, but was alarmed, got up and started yelling for Lisa to come because i wanted her to see it before i started trying to figure out how to save my comforter, i thought it was too huge to be a pee. then, i was trying to figureout what to do, and lisa checked belle and she had pee all over her abdomin. so she went to the vet the next day and they found that she had a bladder infection.

we also have the two cats, fluffy and aurora. as noted above, Aurora has also been having some issues. we got a Litter Robot which is a self cleaning cat box, and aurora started getting loose poop on the outside, first bad sign. then, lisa said her butt was leaking poop, so she went to the vet and it's not our regular vet who is back over where i used to live, and not really our kind of vet communication, i.e. there is none, and he treated aggressively with antibiotics and steroids and vitamins, plus anal gland expression, aurora was very traumatized by the whole thing, and since then, last friday, she has not been the same cat. she has had a personality change, withdrawn, before she was friendly and happy and affectionate; and also, she has not been using the cat box too consistently, and this morning there was the shocking poop on the table??. we don't use it to eat on fortunately, aurora eats on it. but still... we feel out of control.

they said aurora has giardia, she's on flagyl and ID diet; belle ate one of aurora's poops so both she and Zack are on flagyl, his poo has been having some drippy parts too. vet appointments every few days. fortunately fluffy, knock on wood, seems to be ok. when we first moved here though, fluffy had the crisis, had diarrhea, stopped eating, got very thin very fast, vet treated aggressively and she recovered immediately.

other than all this, things are nice, i've been off work for weeks, when i go back the first week of january it will have been two months off!!! I've worked at that job for 20 years and hardly ever took two weeks, not even once a year, just one week here and there, so two months off has been very different, and i sure like it. yet there is still so much to do and little idle time or time for the simple life i once enjoyed up until about a year ago. i can't believe how simple life used to be and how i took it for granted.

i miss my home but i like it here too. i'm paying rent on my apartment and just giving myself however much time i need to figure out what i want to do. but the idea of going back to work soon, with the long commute, it's kind of scary.

i will try to get some new photos of zack and belle. i got zack's hair cut about 3 weeks ago, it was long and matted, as his hair was neglected during the crisis. at first i hated the hair cut now i think he looks good. it's a medium length.

ok, i will pm you my new cell number and address.

i loved reading your post, thanks sara :)

Ginger's Mom
20th December 2007, 06:02 PM
hey Judy!!!

I'm so glad to hear from you, July.. I am sorry that you have been through so many tough things.. All I can say is hang in there, and better days will come to you.

You're the first person that I talked to on this forum, and that was before I got Ginger. Ginger is now more than a year old and has grown into a fine Cavalier (I still think that she is as puppy as she can be)!!!

She's recently won the Cavalier theme contest too and I thought I should share that with you too --- I hope this picture may bring a smile to your day.

Thanks for keeping us all posted Judy. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.