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17th November 2007, 09:15 PM
hi everyone

just posting about nina who had to have an emergency operation to remove her womb due to a womb infection! she had it last Saturday and thankfully she was alright!!!i couldn’t believe it when i took her to the vets and she had to be kept in over night and then in theatre the next day.

she had something leaking from her behind a week earlier which i took her for and the vet thought it was just some urine but it got worse and i wasn’t happy so i took her back.it was a different vet and he wasn’t sure until he checked her temperature and it was really high.he said he wasn’t going to risk leaving it as she might be more ill then she wasl letting on.so off she went.i couldn’t sleep a wink i tell you.but shes one strong girl and even the vet said they couldnt believe how fast she recovered.she also said that the infection was quite significant.

she was a bit groggy when she got home but she back to her old self now!!shes been getting lots of hugs and kisses and has slept in my bed all week lol.

just be careful if ur female dog isn’t spayed because it could happen and can be fatal thats why were getting all our females spayed now.

17th November 2007, 09:49 PM
Am so glad she's recovering well. I had my girls spayed as soon as they were old enough as a similar thing happened to my aunties dog and they came so close to loosing her. It must have been terrible for you best to get the other girls done asap:)

17th November 2007, 10:22 PM
Oh poor Nina, glad she is feeling better now.

I when through the same thing with a JRT/peke I had who was 16 when she went through the same thing. She also was leaking and I took her to the vets who ask to bring her back for a blood test, came back negative. I was a kid at the time so the adults didn’t take much notice of me but I wouldn’t let up about something being wrong. So back to the vets and they asked for her to come in for another blood test.

Rang up on the day to find out when she could be picked up after her blood test and they didn’t say anything but put me through to the vet who told me they had done a emergency operation to remove her womb as it was infected.

She was meant to be in hospital for two weeks, but after a week Suzy being Suzy (she hated the vets) they phoned and ask us to take her home as we could look after much better then them. She was refusing to eat or have anything to do with the staff.

Back home the only real problem we had was the new found energy she now had. She really thought she was a puppy again,

Elaine 2
17th November 2007, 10:28 PM
I'm glad Nina is better now, that must have given you a shock when you found out how ill she was, l have to get my Cody spayed but I'm a bit scared as she 8 years and she's got a slight murmur, Ive had her 5 months now and the vet told me to wait for midway through her season which will be late Dec, How old is Nina

17th November 2007, 11:28 PM
She must have had pyometra; you are very lucky to have taken her in as it is always fatal if untreated -- it is a really frightening condition. :shock. It's good you were so vigilant as to get her in! Unspayed females are at significant risk of this infection over their lifetime. I hope she's back home with you very soon; it must have been very scary. :flwr:

More information:


which concludes:

Spaying represents complete prevention for this condition. Spaying cannot be over-emphasized. Often an owner plans to breed their pet or is undecided, time passes, and then they fear she is too old to be spayed. The female dog or cat can benefit from spaying at any age. The best approach is to figure that pyometra will eventually occur if the female pet is left unspayed; any perceived risks of surgery are very much out-weighed by the risk of pyometra.

18th November 2007, 12:46 AM
Kim, Thank goodness you kept bringing her back to be seen by the vet!!! Well done. Thank you for telling us about what happened...always a good reminder to have them checked by the vet when something just isn't right. I hope Nina continues to recover and so glad she is ok!

18th November 2007, 01:04 AM
very shocked!!a bit of a blur.i couldnt sleep at all.i was thinking that could have been the last time id ever see her!!

but shes better than ive ever seen her now!!

im so glad shes ok.shes a great dog a perfect cavy personality very placid,friendly,gentle soul and you can really trust her if you know what i mean.

i would of been heartbroken if i lost her.truley!!!

thanks 4 the link karlin i understand exactly was going on in there now.really horrible stuff.

18th November 2007, 12:24 PM
SO sorry to hear aobut your scare with Nina - but very relieved she is ok.

18th November 2007, 02:07 PM
So glad to see Nina is well on the road to recovery - must have been v. frightening for you:flwr:

Cathy T
18th November 2007, 04:01 PM
Wow Kim! So glad she's okay....and that you took her back in! I've heard some really bad stories about people losing their girls not getting this attended to in time. Good for you in being so proactive and getting her in....you've truly saved her life!

19th November 2007, 08:04 PM
Oh my goodness, pyometra can be deadly. Thank goodness you got her back to the vets when you did. We almost lost one of our Boxer girls to it some while back.

May she mend swiftly.

20th November 2007, 08:55 AM
Honey had pyometra as well and had to have emergency surgery. We noticed the discharge and brought her to the vet straight away. It's very scary but I'm so glad Nina is OK now.

Claire L
20th November 2007, 07:14 PM
Thank God you brought her back in to the Vets. Glad she's feeling better now :flwr::flwr: