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18th November 2007, 07:03 PM
Barkleigh woke up yesterday licking and biting at the back of his hind lower leg. Even though this is Florida, we are in the deciduous zone and have various weed seeds and burrs that catch on his coat, especially his feathery legs. I comb these out several times a day. I think he probably was digging for a hidden one and got too aggressive. He then kept at it and made a nasty wound. We've talked to the vet and have soaked, shaved, wrapped lightly, put a bit of cortisone cream on it and given him a mild antihistimine in case it is itching. We'll get a cone that fits tomorrow (others are too small).

Anyone with experience with Cavs worrying their legs or wounds and ideas. Barkleigh has been scratching a lot and I've treated him for flea dermititis as suggested here. We also have tons of mosquitos and no-seems and these might bother him as well.

18th November 2007, 08:07 PM
Other than parasites, blocked anal glands can cause the dog to bite at their hind legs. Did your vet check the anal glands?

Alternatively and unfortunately some of these symptoms could indicate Syringomyelia - have a read on the info site, http://sm.cavaliertalk.com/

There is lots of useful information there, including documents you can print out to take to your vet.

Arrange a visit to your vet, and take this info with you - sadly not all vets are aware of this horrid condition, it is still quite rare in many breeds, but sadly not in the Cavalier.

There are other things that most vets will want to rule out first, such as parasites and allergies.

18th November 2007, 08:11 PM
He is scooting with his butt and tends to anal gland issues, which I was going to ask them to squeeze since I just don't have the right touch. So I shall hope it is that but go armed. My vet has a special feel for Cavs and knows a lot, but she may not think think the worse. I will prefer not to as well. But I will study it and keep it handy and make a copy for her.

Thanks so much!

25th November 2007, 04:31 PM
Well, your post scared me to death! My vet, who has done many Cavaliers in many parts of the US over the years, says she's never seen a case of SM, but took the materials to study. She said there is an MRI place quite close (Tampa area) that even our breeder didn't know about! We did the anal glands (blocked) and are treating the spot aggressively. Barkleigh does scratch a lot, but apparently allergies are big in Florida what with mites, mosquitos, fleas, ticks etc. being rampant all year long. Still, I will watch. I have insurance and will get an MRI if I have any serious worries. At what point should that be?

4th December 2007, 08:28 AM
Marley does that when he has blocked A/Gs, I know how to do it myself but i don't as it grosses me out heeheehee!!!!
I'm no expert on sm so i'm sure someone else will come along soon and tell you when... I think it would be valid if he was frequently scratching and yelping in pain?? Lets just wait till someone with better knowledge comes along ;)