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18th November 2007, 08:30 PM
Yesterday Annie,Freckles and I traveled a round trip of 400 mi. to meet up with Dr.Nancy Morris, cardiologist, for auscultation of these wonderful Cav's. Dr. Morris turned out to be a very nice, informative Vet who took time with these two. Freckles, who I worried about most because hometown Vet had heard a murmur, has no murmur but a Systolic click which is a probable, but not definitive, precursor to MVD. Annie,our Vet heard no murmur, has a definite Grade 1 murmur,symptom less, and is to be scheduled for an Echo next year. Today I'm building paper files about MVD and supplements,etc. Even tho' Annie's diagnosis wasn't expected, it still is a peaceful feeling to have them examined by a specialist and have the "this is where we go from here" foundation.